It hasn’t been long since Samsung brought in their super hyped gen-next flagship phone – the Samsung Galaxy S8 in markets, and it has already started to take a blow-apparently! Just a few weeks after the phone came to the markets and people have begun using the super powerful phone, Samsung has begun receiving complaints about how many phones’ displays have become reddish tinted. The news came in the wake of numerous reports from multiple users claiming that their screen has a reddish tint in the UI.

Samsung has taken the problem very seriously and has set its teams on resolving the issue as soon as possible. People, however, are already unhappy with what came up their way. After the Galaxy Note 7 episode, people are wary of purchasing Samsung’s phones anyway, and this issue might cost Samsung dearly. The good news, however, is that the number of phones reporting this issue is quite small and not yet enough to affect the sales of the flagship.

An official statement from Samsung also said that the red tint issue is very minor and all that the users needed to do was to re-calibrate the display. However, the company has decided to roll out a software upgrade very soon for all users so that this issue is fixed for good. Samsung seems not in the mood to take any risk here. It will be the first time ever that Samsung rolled out a software update so early after a phone’s launch. Also, all further Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices will be shipped with the update already installed.

This software update is intended for the display re-calibration. This will not only fix the red tint issue automatically but will also expand the current colour range of the display. Also, users will be able to customise their displays to have even lesser red colouration, if they want to. Samsung has already clarified that there is no issue with the hardware and the phones have a great build and superior quality without any problems.

In our suggestion, if you’re facing a similar issue with your device and you see an unwanted red colouration on your screen, just go to the nearest service center and get your phone’s display recalibrated. If the problem persists, you can ask for a replacement.

Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be released on April 28, in the UAE.