Galaxy S9 Features, Specs and Leaks

Samsung has already set a top place in the mobile industry with its trending smartphones. This time it has again created a huge hype with its new flagship Samsung Galaxy S9. People are eagerly waiting for this mobile and many rumors are circulating about its specs and features. Samsung is also trying to catch the attention of people by releasing videos about its features. If you are also the one who is waiting for this mobile, then wait with bated breath for some more days. Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S9 mobile in MWC 2018. Let us discuss what new features we can expect from this mobile.Samsung Galaxy S9 Launching at MWC 2018

  • Enhanced Design:

Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to come in midnight black, lilac purple, titanium gray and coral blue colors. The top and bottom bezels of this mobile will be trimmed to show the variation from Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. This time Samsung is going to solve the S8’s fingerprint sensor placement issue with S9.Design & Build

The fingerprint sensor will be placed below the camera. This mobile will sport the latest Snapdragon 845 chip. Qualcomm had proved that with the Snapdragon 845 chip, performance has increased 25% faster than S8 mobile. There is a rumor that Samsung won’t have a facial scanner but will have the 3D emoji feature which is more advanced than the Iphone X.

  • Advanced Camera:

From the videos of Samsung we can expect that S9 will have an advanced camera features like “super slow-motion videos and low-light photos”. Unlike Galaxy Note 8, S9 will not have a dual camera. It is coming with the single camera. The rear camera is 12MP and the front camera is 8MP.Galaxy S9 Camera

The camera will sport f/1.5 aperture that is wider than Note 8 and LG V30. Also, it will have a rear camera that can shoot at 1000 frames per second. We can record a video in normal mode and by switching a button it will convert into slow motion video. Another feature of this mobile is “Tag shot”. With the help of GPS, you can add location and weather to your photos. Amazing right!!

  • Unrivaled security:

You can unlock Galaxy S9 mobile with a new technology called “intelligent scan”. With this technology, there will be a high-end security for your information.Samsung Galaxy S9 Iris Scanner

It is expected that Samsung will combine both facial and iris recognition features for this intelligent scan. For the better recognition of iris, the iris camera lens of S9 will be increased from 2MP to 3MP. There is an improved software for faster response and to recognize iris even the users wear glasses or move their eyeballs.

  • Fine Display:

According to rumors, this time Samsung is not increasing the size of the screen but it is reducing the size of bezels. Size of the S9 mobile screen will be 5.8 inches with QHD super AMOLED screen.Galaxy S9 Top Notch Features

Samsung plans to implement its new glass coating technology in S9. If it is successfully implemented then you can use S9 phone even in rain. Resolution will be 1440 by 2960 pixels with 18:5:9 aspect ratio.

  • Latest OS and top-notch sound system:

Samsung will use the Android 8.0 Oreo in S9 with specific features like edge lighting and new clock widgets. On the other hand, it is also enhancing the AI processing and translating features in Bixby.Samsung Galaxy S9 Performance

S9 may have the top-notch sound system with AKG stereo speakers and Bluetooth AKG headphones. This will also support all LTE bands. Another interesting feature is it will scan the pollution in the air and will inform you.It will have a 3.5mm headphone jack and speakers on both top and bottom of the phone.

  • Improved Software:

The Snapdragon 845 chip includes a processing unit for biometric data and payment information which is highly secured. It also includes an LTE modem with which you can download HD movie in less than 10 seconds.

  • High capacity battery and internal storage:

As per rumored news battery capacity of S9 will be 3000mAh which is almost similar to S8. Same as S8, S9 will also have wireless charging feature. It is expected that S9 will have 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. But it is trying to implement the PCB technology to increase the size of the battery without increasing the size of the processor.