It hasn’t been very long since Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 and S8+, and there are already rumours and talks about the Galaxy S9, a phone probably still on paper, and something which is perhaps not even being worked upon. But who can stop people from talking, it’s such a big world. We overheard a lot of talks about people discussing the next move from Samsung, which is the next flagship phone from the future. A lot of fans have already begun imagining what new Samsung could do to woo even more customers.

What we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy S9 is that it is guaranteed to be launched sometime in the future. Samsung never stopped with the S series and has always been the flagship of the large fleet of Samsung phones. We’d say it is as inevitable as the arrival of the day after the night. And it will not come up until the next year; this year belongs to Samsung Galaxy S8.

We took out some time to know the sentiments of the lot and came up with some features that people would like to see in the next device.

  • A better-placed fingerprint sensor: Samsung has placed their fingerprint scanner at a really odd place – besides the camera module, that makes the camera lens prone to smudges. It would be better if the fingerprint scanner is installed where they always do – in the front. Another demand in the same segment says that Samsung should learn something from Apple and try to embed the fingerprint scanner beneath the display panel.

  • An Improved Camera: The camera on the Galaxy S8 is almost the same as that of the S7 Edge. Samsung must bring an improved camera every time. Public sentiment tilts towards a dual-lens camera setup, something that they are planning to put up on the C10 Pro, and Note 8; along with improvements in the megapixels section as well. A 13MP+13MP dual lens camera would be an awesome combination according to most of the fans.

  • An even better processor: Now this is not a demand, but a topic of discussion amongst a lot of fans, experts, and enthusiasts. Everybody agrees that Samsung will be bringing in yet another ‘best ever’ processor, Samsung is possibly in talks with Qualcomm on developing the next gen processor for better clock speeds and performance specifics.
  • Get a better AI assistant: Many users are dissatisfied due to the incompleteness of Bixby. Currently, the virtual assistant is available in only in English & Korean. It would be better if Samsung worked on developing the software fast and support other languages too. Siri already outflanks Bixby with a massive 32 language supports. Another thing for Samsung to learn from Apple Inc.

  • Ensure things don’t ‘crack’ up: Many users had complained about Samsung not being competent enough in creating a crack-proof glass. Putting up a scratch resistant protection is one thing. Making it less vulnerable to cracking when dropped is another. A lot of users had lately reported that their device’s screen cracked from the corner when they accidentally dropped their phone from their desks.

Other than this, people are extremely happy with the current Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S9 is highly awaited. Since there is zero to minimal info on the phone, and what is available is not credible, we would refrain from making any assumptions about the device. Be whatever the case may, enjoy the news about the next phone right from a year before it comes.