Samsung Galaxy S9 leaked features and specs.

Samsung is working on a completely bezel-less display in their premium flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9, that makes things interesting, with top end mobiles like Apple iPhone X already in the market with this feature, Samsung should come up with nothing less than a miracle to sustain in this fierce competition and they look on track with a completely bezel-less design.

Best in class security:

If the rumours are to be believed, Galaxy S9 will feature under screen fingerprint sensor. In a normal fingerprint unlock a smartphone, the user has to place their finger on the specified area that is dedicated for this purpose. Samsung is looking to leave its competitors in the dust by providing fingerprint unlock feature that works on the main screen with no dedicated hardware.

This takes the security features to the next level as users can access their phone easily without any hassle.



Better camera than Google pixel 2?

The Google Pixel 2 scored an outrageous 98 on the camera quality scale. Samsung is looking confident of breaking this score, that sure proves to be a heart in hands situation for other Mobile phone manufacturers. But it’s easier said than done so, we should wait and see whether Samsung Galaxy S9 can create a new benchmark in Smartphone cameras.

The latest leaks suggest the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will have an Exynos 9810 chipset and just 4GB of RAM. That’s a bold move from the Korean manufacturer because other smartphones in this price range provide a stunning 6GB RAM or more.

But hardware specs are not everything when it comes to customer satisfaction. A perfectly blended smartphone can score big in the market and at the same time reap huge benefits for the manufacturer by cutting down the production cost.

Another unbelievable feature in Samsung Galaxy S9 is that they are looking to provide virtual power and volume buttons so that the chances of physical repairs can be eliminated completely. This feature enables better efficiency in waterproof technology.

Snapdragon 845:

Samsung is using the latest Snapdragon 845 processor which enables a whole new level of user experience by pairing seamless UI with Robust Hardware.


This phone has got the attention of the audience from around the world but only time will decide whether this beast can live up to the expectations.