It hasn’t been long since we pointed out some facts as to why a Samsung Galaxy S8 purchase should be thought through. Also, it hasn’t been very long since Samsung resolved a bug that showed a red tint on their mobile screens. Apparently, there are more issues with the flagship phones that the tech giant will have to handle. In latest reports, many users have complained about audio issues in their devices.

Users have reported that the device suddenly stops playing sounds when playing games, or watching videos etc., with the problem going away once they plug in accessories, with the device playing the sound through the aux. After you remove the auxiliary audio device, the sound returns to normal. Samsung has apparently maintained that this too is an issue with the software, and will issue another update to resolve the issue.

Many users have asked for a replacement according to the reports, and the company has denied, stating that a software issue cannot qualify for replacements as that doesn’t fit in the company policy. This has left many customers annoyed with the company officials and have said that this kind of experience isn’t expected from a flagship device, that’s supposed to be a perfectly crafted device.

On the brighter side, Samsung is offering full support at their service centers and are helping every user sort the issue. According to some customers, wiping all the cache clean or resetting the device will solve all the problems. If that doesn’t work, one may go to settings and activate the developer mode, and enabling “Prevent USB Audio Routing.” While some users were satisfied with this, saying that the problem did not recur after doing it, some said it does nothing to help.

Apparently, Samsung isn’t willing to call back any of the devices due to the fact that the developers at the company strongly believe that it isn’t a hardware issue, and can be resolved by simply following the steps that their experts at the service center tell them. Be whatever the case may, not every Galaxy S8 and S8+ sold so far appears to be affected by a greater number of users haven’t reported an issue.

Apparently, the problem with the audio doesn’t appear to be a major one since Samsung hasn’t made any official statements regarding that yet. I case of the red tint on the screens, Samsung had asked people to re-calibrate the colours and the problem was resolved. However, they decided to issue an OTA update for the global audience and resolved the problem pretty quickly. It is not clear yet if Samsung will issue another update, or will they simply collect the affected phones and repair it for them, or come up with some other solution.