As time passes by, bigger and better smartphones are making their place in our pockets. A better and more powerful phone than ever replaces an older one in our hands every time. After Samsung Galaxy S8, and iPhone 8, rumours of the next super powerful phone, the Google Pixel 2 have begun surfacing. Google had brought in a premium smartphone that fit every aspiration of a smartphone owner- a superb camera, great hardware, seamless performance, ample storage and what not.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL had all the configurations of a superiority flagship phone, that sat in the ranks of Xperia XZ, iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S7 Edge etc; and all these features came at a better price than them. Google, although did not garner much market share, thanks to Samsung and Apple already in place, it did garner some great reviews and motivated Google to produce the next generation of the Google Pixel.

Following are the eleven features that we’re expecting to be incorporated in the Google Pixel 2 that will make this phone an instant hit in the eyes of the beholder:

  • Water Resistance-  A water and dust proof phone means no effect of water and dust on the device. The Phone will be waterproof to IP68 rating, which means you could take the phone for a water ride, but only once in awhile, and still come out with the phone working as good.
  • Better Design and DisplayWhen we say a bigger and better phone, we mean a bigger and better phone, literally. If the rumours are to be believed,  we may expect the Google Pixel 2 to come up with a stunning design sporting a 5.7” QHD screen. A phone with a Bezel-less, 4K display will certainly be the apple of the eye for everybody.
  • Metal body, Better corner/side edgesThe Google flagship may as well sport a metal body to protect from dropping, spillage and damage. We are a clumsy bunch of people and we do drop our phones accidentally at least once in a while. Protecting the phone with a metal design and better corner/side edges is an optimal solution.
  • Dual Rear CameraThe dual camera setup is sure to make a mark in the trends section. Almost every phone maker is now trying to add a dual-camera setup in their phones. Google Pixel 2 will be no exception to this. Just like the Huawei Honor 6X, we’re expecting a vertical setup of the dual camera on the rear panel.
  • Android v8.0 ‘O’- Google may not have decided the name of the OS yet, but they have already decided to put the OS in their latest phone. Being a developer’s OS, the Android 8.0 will prove to be a boon for anyone who wants to enter application development.
  • Fast ProcessorThe Snapdragon 835 may come for the first time in the Samsung Galaxy S8, but it wouldn’t be the last phone to come out with it. Google Pixel 2will have a SnapDragon 835 SoC with all the latest features and an amazing power packed performance.
  • Big RAM- OnePlus 3 and 3T are current leaders in the RAM segment with 6GB RAM to run an unending list of application together. Google is all set to snatch the title from them. With 8GB RAM packed in a super powerful phone, what more could you ask for?
  • Quick Charge 4.0- With great power, comes great consumption. The Google Pixel 2 will have a powerful configuration, but that will be of no use if it has to sit around the charging socket all day. But there’s a solution to it. The Quick Charge 4.0! Charge your phone in minutes and be done with it.
  • Google Cardboard/ Daydream VR with better technologyThere was a time when we used to get awestruck when we heard a FHD mobile screen; that has become a norm now. But wait! The smartphone industry will always find ways to keep dropping your jaws. Google will bring the Daydream VR technology to keep your eyes pleased – every second of your life.
  • Long Lasting BatteryWe said with great power, comes great consumption. But it has to be managed, with better hardware and software, the battery of the phone will definitely manage its resources on its own. Just one dash charge, and it will go on and on, for long – very long.
  • Iris and Face RecognitionWho cares who brought it first? Google Pixel 2 may not be the first phone to bring that to its users; but that doesn’t decrease the importance of the features. An iris scanner will increase the security level on your phone and it will be extremely difficult for anyone else to unlock the phone that doesn’t belong to them.

Amazed? We were too. These features are just so awesome and new, they don’t cease to make one’s eyes sparkle the moment they hear about them. I know it’s a little difficult to contain the excitement and wanting to see the phone right away; but we’ll have to wait until the phone is launched- hopefully very soon.