Samsung sits on the top of the best-devices-mountain. Since the advent of Android and the smartphone segment, Samsung has found great success and has taken over Nokia as the top smartphone manufacturer in the world. The entire Galaxy series has been a super hit and Samsung never has never looked back. Nokia’s loss became Samsung’s gain, and today the S-series and the Note series are sitting at the pinnacle of sales numbers going neck-to-neck with Apple. Here are the top features of the Galaxy Note 8, the next upcoming smartphone from Samsung that will take the place of Galaxy S8 and S8+ as the flagship device.

Robust Hardware

Image appears to be brokenWe all know by now that the Galaxy Note 8 will host the top class features exclusively in it and will be the best smartphone ever produced by Samsung surpassing their creation, the current flagship. We are in line for a Snapdragon 836 octa-core SoC, at least 6GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage with expansion option.


Samsung brought in their own virtual assistant, Bixby to the grounds with the clear intention of countering the Apple’s distinguishing feature a.k.a Siri. Siri is currently a live and developed programme and is available in 32 languages. Bixby, however, is still in development phase and the early beta stage is open for beta testers around the globe.

Image appears to be broken Even though it will take some time for Bixby voice to complete, what is available is already quite strong and can be accessed via a dedicated button. The next flagship from Samsung is still a couple of months away, and Bixby will get even more powerful by then.

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Edge-To-Edge Display

Image appears to be brokenThough every phone manufacturer is now following the trend of adding the edge-to-edge display feature in their phones and trying to woo customers by the additional styling it offers, Samsung is still the king of the jungle. No one does it better than Samsung, and this was shown by the ‘infinity’ display. Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be seen sporting in an even bigger infinity display in the next phablet. With at least a QHD+ resolution with a super AMOLED display, everything on the Note 8 will bring a delight for the eye.


Now this is another feature, that’s not only rare but also adds the stereo factor to the device. People long for a dual speakers system. This allows for listening to songs loudly without those bulky headphones and irritating earphones. This will also allow for better experience talking to the person on the other side when your hands are too busy to talk on the phone, and you must put it on the loudspeaker.

Improved S-Pen

Image appears to be brokenThe S-Pen has been with the Note since the first ever Note came out in the market. In fact, the S-Pen is the USP of the entire Note series as it allows to user to use the phone as a notepad, scribbling away, make notes, write on the screen, etc. and the S-Pen is the device of companionship. There have been a lot of improvements in the S-pen since its launch, and the latest one can sense up to 4096 different levels; this implies that Samsung has developed the hardware in the latest S-pen to such an extent that your device can even recognise your handwriting perfectly and know when someone else is trying to use your device.

Iris Scanner

Image appears to be brokenThe iris scanner is a feature that was present in the ill-fated Note 7 as well. The working is that the front camera will take a detailed snap of the user’s eye and store it in the device’s database; whenever someone tries to unlock the phone, the camera will activate and match the eye of the person trying to unlock the phone with the database. The device will remember the colour of your eye to the 32nd bit’s detail. There’s no way anyone’s cheating this system. If you think a picture of the eye will help, then you’re wrong. That won’t work. This is a highly secure bio-metric security system designed not to be countered.

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Samsung is the top smartphone company in the world owing to all these distinguishing features the company installs in its devices. If it weren’t for the design limitations posed by the AMOLED display panel, Samsung wanted to install the fingerprint scanner beneath the display panel. Samsung stays ahead of the competition by virtue of their dedicated R&D team, and their ability to take the right decisions at the right time. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be a beautifully incredible device, that is for sure. Let’s wait some time and find out.