Nokia, as a company has seen the best days as well as the worst. After being the reigning champions of the entire world for almost a decade, they lost everything in their business and were sold out. Now, the brand is back; this time in the hands of HMD Global, a company founded by an ex-Nokia employee. Recently, they launched their latest device, the Nokia 6 into the markets. The phone has been garnering quite some attention and has been giving tough competition to the existing players. And this is not just by virtue of the brand name. The phone has indeed turned out to be as good as promised, and the trust that Nokia always delivers on its promises has been restored.

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Here are some of the most intriguing facts about the Nokia 6 that will cause you to fall for this phone right away:

Superb Build Quality:

Image appears to be brokenThose memes about Nokia being indestructible were not just hearsay. Nokia does build its phones with the top-notch quality materials, and there is no compromise here. Drop it a dozen times; maybe a small scratch will appear. Drop other phones one time; you’ll have to repair the entire panel.

Stock Android v7.1.1:Image appears to be broken

Nokia hasn’t built any custom UI and like Motorola runs on stock Android. That means less internal memory occupancy, more memory available for the user to use, more efficient usage ability, leading to better performance, in turn leading to a better battery life; there are just so many advantages of having stock Android running on your phone.

Better processing despite a small processor:

With companies like Xiaomi, Asus, Huawei, Samsung, etc., boasting their custom UI for a unique feel, and better processors for the same price range, what makes Nokia 6 stand out is the ability to process data faster because it doesn’t have to allocate any additional RAM to run just the UI. This automatically causes the Nokia 6 running the SnapDragon 430 to perform better than the Redmi Note 4 to some extent, despite the latter having a SnapDragon 625. More efficient usage of the resources makes this phone a delight to use.

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Dual Speakers w/ Stereo:

Mobile phone manufacturers don’t seem to care much about the loudspeaker of their phones, except maybe Apple; but even then there is no dual-speaker or stereo system in any of them. The Nokia 6 has a dual-speaker system. Not just that, there is also a Dolby Atmos audio chip for better integration of sounds and a great hands-free experience. You don’t need to sit with a pair of headphones to listen to songs with crystal clear clarity.

A breathtaking camera:

The phone sports a 16MP rear camera with PDAF, a 1.0um, f/2.0 lens along with a dual tone LED flash. Nokia has always been a master of cameras, as was seen with Lumia 1020. Well, the Nokia 6 will be no less in the quality of the images it will be capable of taking. On the front, we have an 8MP AF camera with 1.12um, f/2.0, FOV 84 degrees wide-angle lens. The front camera is clearly optimised for selfies. What else would one need from their phone which can snap amazing photos?Image appears to be broken

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There are more features than just these five that make this phone a purchase worthy of your money. And when Nokia said they’re back, it was without a doubt cent percent true. Soon they’ll be launching their next army of devices, this time powered by Android; making no mistakes, re-capturing market and taking brisk steps toward reclaiming their number one position. Meanwhile, enjoy the perfection of Nokia 6 while they prepare for the launch of the Nokia 9.