Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. After a lot of speculations over the phone that is already present and the one that is imminent to come, people have been confused as to which one should be their next device, which they’ll hold close to their hearts for a long time. The question has been on the minds of a countless number of people, and will probably be there for a while until the new device is launched. While a straight answer may not be justifiable, here’s what you can do to decide whether you should by the Galaxy S8 right now, or wait for the Note 8.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has all the best possible features today – a curved edge ‘infinity’ display, a SnapDragon 835 processor, super great camera, latest Android OS and every other great feature there is to offer. The first question that comes to the mind is, WIFM, meaning, “What’s In it For Me?”

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are already making huge rounds in the entire smartphone market and are killing all the competition already. With Bixby, the phone is already capable of growing ‘habitual’ to you and will offer its help just the way you want it to, and will get better and better with each passing day. The Galaxy S8 is already a very powerful device, and with some third party apps, you can easily get the S8 to behave like any other Galaxy Note.

So, in a way, the Note 8 actually cannot offer anything more that a fancy S-Pen that allows to you write on the screen, a bigger display for more ‘workspace,’ some more battery power and a large device. Isn’t it?

Or wait!

Maybe it can – The Note 7 might have been a disaster, but the Note 8 surely isn’t going to be one. There is a huge lot of news already out there highlighting the issues with the S8 device; be it the red tint, or highly fragile glass that breaks in just one drop. Obviously, Samsung will know about the all the issues beforehand, and they’ll surely ensure that these are rectified in the Note 8.Also, we are looking at an almost confirmed dual-camera in the note 8. After the trend has entered the market at full pace and even OnePlus densely rumoured to pitch in their next flagship killer with a dual-camera, there’s no reason Samsung should lag behind. We already have news about two devices Samsung is reportedly developing with dual-cameras – and the Note 8 is one of them.

In our opinion, both the devices aren’t meant to be compared.  The Galaxy S8 is being designed with its own features, and so is the S8 designed with its own. The Note 8 will be a boon for all the working class people who are looking for a device that makes their work easier. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a device for everyone that wants some solid performance with solid looks, a perfect all rounder phone.

Wait for the next, or take the current deal – both will work out great!