Augmented reality is an attractive point that expected to become even more popular in the future than it is now. This is a form of reality where elements all around are augmented by all sorts of virtual items. This creates a more unique environment for gaming as people can use their local environments as a key part of playing these games.

There are many gaming apps today that have become popular for using augmented reality. These apps are unique for how they allow people to find all sorts of items in real world situations. These also entail people having to go to various locations to complete certain tasks. Some of these games even encourage people to get moving and be more active in order to complete certain actions or objectives all around.

Pokemon Go Brings AR to the Masses

It is no surprise that Pokemon Go has been a massive hit in the AR world. This game allows people to find Pokemon characters hidden in various real world environments. The game has become an immense cultural phenomenon since it was released and continues to impress people over how they can find different items in many real world places. It is certainly an introduction to AR technology for most people.

Ingress Works With GPS Technology

Ingress is a game where people have to go to various real world locations to hack a variety of portals. These portals must be used to get armies to move around quickly and complete certain tasks. This game has become popular for how it incorporates GPS technology into it to create a more entertaining experience that players are bound to enjoy.

Parallel Kingdom Is An RPG For the Real World

Parallel Kingdom is a popular game that predates Pokemon Go in that it is one of the first true AR successes. This RPG has people going around to different physical locations to complete quests where they fight different creatures in all sorts of situations. The game also takes advantage of servers that identify the locations of other players. This makes it easier for others to trade with one another or to even duel for different rewards.

Find Ghosts With SpecTrec

The camera feature on one’s mobile device can be utilized extensively with the SpecTrec game.  This requires people to find and capture ghosts in their local areas. People can get awards and access to various features within the game when they are able to capture enough ghosts. This uses the camera feature to help people capture and find these ghosts so they can complete their missions.

Get a Workout With Zombies, Run

Zombies, Run is one game that encourages people to get active as they go to different places to avoid zombies. This works in that a series of virtual zombies are placed in one’s physical environment. The goal is to avoid the zombies for as long as possible. Players can use a variety of difficulty options on this game based on what they want to do with it. This allows players to have more fun as they work harder to move around and avoid these zombies before they attack.

Clandestine: Anomaly Creates a Battlefield In Your Area

Clandestine: Anomaly is one game that will entertain anyone looking for a war-based AR game. This is where a player uses a series of weapons to stop aliens who are invading in one’s local area. This uses directional features to show information on what aliens are in an area as a means of defeating them and keeping them from spreading.

Real Strike Entertains iOS users

Some augmented reality games are designed for specific platforms. One such example of this is the Real Strike game that is available only on iOS platforms. This game uses a variety of weapons as players can shoot at different targets in their local areas. This game is made for FPS fans as it offers a variety of technical features and play methods to help the game become a little more immersive and unique in its own way.

The Walk Plays the Long Game

The Walk is a game that takes a while to complete in that it can be finished in about three months. However, it is a game that helps encourage people to get walking to all sorts of places or to walk certain distances each day. This game requires a player to walk to a particular destination to deliver a package. When a player gets through a series of milestones, different audio clips that narrate a story relating to the package will be revealed. This will encourage players to keep on performing so they can go far enough to complete the main goal of the game.

Zombies everywhere brings Zombies to the world

Zombies Everywhere is somewhat similar to Pokemon Go in that this game requires people to find different items in many real world locations. However, these items are to be used to find zombies and to kill them. People can find weapons in many spots and use them in other locations to kill zombies. This is all to clear out different areas and to keep zombies from being more of a threat in an area than they already are.

Fight with Friends in Life is Crime

The last of the top augmented reality games to see is Life is Crime. This is a game where players will go around different areas to find gangs in a virtual environment and to defeat them. People can play against other real players to fight for territories of all sorts. This encourages people to head out to different areas to see what spots they can conquer.

All of these augmented reality games are made with different unique features. These are fun for people to play and have certainly made a real impact on how the gaming industry is developing. This comes as people are beginning to notice that the real world can make for a thrilling place for all sorts of gaming activities.