Over the years, the Android operating system has been developed with a series of confectionery-themed names. These are used in alphabetical order to show how the operating system has progressed over time.

When you read these names, in particular, you immediately begin to feel a craving for certain things. More importantly, you will know that the operating system that is available is an advanced option that is very easy to use.

The names you have read about over all this time have been used since 2009 when Android 1.5 was known as the Cupcake operating system. Such names have been used over the years including Donut, Éclair, Ice Cream Sandwich, Marshmallow and most recently Nougat.

Needless to say, it is believed that another similar name will be used for Android O when it is released. The operating system will be released at some point in 2017. The options for a name that could fit in well with the platform are unclear, but there are many possible names that could be used. These range from many traditional and noticeable names to ones that might be a little different but still worth something. Of course, you might come across an Android logo that looks like a certain confectionery product in the marketing campaign just as well.

Oreo Phones? Sounds Great!

When Android 4.4 KitKat was released, it was clear that there was no limit as to what names Android would use. Android got in touch with Nestle to stage a promotional campaign that would benefit both brands. This entailed special KitKat-related offers and promotions that were directly linked to the new operating system.

Android could possibly pull off a repeat of this but with another iconic treat. It could get in touch with Nabisco to possibly offer an Oreo theme. This could involve big giveaways that involve new products that will utilise Android O.

If this name is chosen, be sure to check your local supermarket. You might come across some Android-themed Oreo packages with some giveaways involved.

Will Android Whip Up an Orange Julius?

When was the last time you went to an Orange Julius? You might not remember, but if the Orange Julius name were to be used, it would certainly be a little more marketable if Android got in the way.

This name option is similar to the Oreo choice in that it would entail a strong cross-promotional campaign. This could especially be worthwhile as Orange Julius is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, an organisation known for its investment savvy. Remember, whatever Warren Buffett says should be taken seriously. He’s very wealthy you know.

Orange Julius has been popular over the years for its frozen orange drinks. Orange Julius locations aren’t as easy to find as they used to be but they are typically found alongside Dairy Queen locations, what with the two being owned by Berkshire Hathaway. The potential for added marketing efforts to work between Android and Orange Julius is certainly a strong point for all to take a look at.

Can a Phone Be As Tasty As An Oatmeal Cookie?

The oatmeal cookie is one of the most popular types of cookies around. The light texture of the cookie and its unique flavour make it a popular choice among all kinds of people. This could be a great idea to consider for a new name, what with the cookie being relatively popular.

Let’s Try Something a Little More Offbeat

There’s no real reason as to why Android cannot choose something that is more off the beaten path when getting a name ready for Android O. Oliebol could be a name to go after, for instance. This is a Dutch pastry that is filled with raisins. Ontbitjkoek, a spiced cake that has cinnamon and ginger flavours, is another good Dutch option to take a look at.

Android could also go a little closer to the United States with the Ozark Pudding name. Ozark pudding is a fruit custard dessert that is particularly dried out before it is served. This is a delicious treat that features a light flavour and has especially been known to be loved by people around the middle part of the United States. It was especially a favourite dessert of President Harry Truman. It is true that this name isn’t all that well-known, but it could still be a good option if Android chooses to stick with it.

The options that are available all around the world are certainly intriguing. However, it might not be all that easy for Android to use these names. This comes as they are names that aren’t too commonplace or unique. In some instances, they might be far too difficult to pronounce. Going after something with a more international appeal like Oreo or Oatmeal Cookie might be a more logical approach, but that doesn’t mean something outside of the box cannot be considered or used. It’s easier for you to identify one of these products anyway.

The Orange – A Tried and True Sweet for Any Occasion

The orange is just a simple and sensible thing that is sweet and healthy, but it is also a fruit that has been the basis of many treats. Just about all types of fruit-related candies have had some orange flavour to them. These include orange slices and orange jelly beans and gumdrops among other great candies. Orange has also been important for soft drinks in that orange soda is a very popular drink for all to enjoy.

Oranges are found all around the world and are loved by all kinds of people. Therefore, an orange name could be used when getting a great name added. This is an especially popular name choice that is worth looking into.

What About Something That Isn’t Confectionery-Related?

It is unclear as to what Android O will include, but there is always the potential that the operating system might go in a radically different and unique direction. As a result, there is a potential for the operating system to be named after something that doesn’t involve sweet treats.

This could be done to symbolise that the new Android operating system is a dramatic departure from the norm. Whether this entails more VR support, a new interface or radically redesigned applications all around is unclear, but it is certainly something for people to watch for.

What Will Come About?

The process of developing the Android operating system is extensive and often tough. The marketing process can be just as challenging. Therefore, it is a necessity to see how a good campaign can be established with a sensible name for the operating system. This is clearly to be made with marketing in mind, but it is also to help create a sensible image for the product that shows that it is different and unique from its predecessors in some way.

The choices that can be used by Android for naming Android O are rather varied and appealing, but it might be a real challenge to see what can be done with it. It will be worthwhile to see what could be used with regards to what the Android O name will be.