Canon EOS 700D

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133.1 X 99.8 X 78.8
525 gms
Sensor Type
CMOS Sensor APS-C with Digic 5 Processor Sensor
Sensor Size
22.3 - 14.9 mm
18 MP
100 - 6400 ISO
Display Size
Battery Type
Inbuilt Flash



Canon EOS 700D
Canon EOS 700D

Canon made the EOS 700D as a digital camera that will work well for helping people to take only the best possible shots. This camera was introduced in 2013 as the newest option in the EOS line of cameras and is organized to be rather simple for users. It comes with a combination of both physical controls and a series of different functions on the touchscreen control system.

It is designed for the basic camera audience. That is, it is particularly for people who want to buy a simple camera that is detailed and specific and yet isn’t all that complicated. It is also designed with many functions to keep the camera working properly with clearly labeled buttons that will illustrate what one might get out of the camera.


The sensor on the Canon EOS 700D is an 18-meagpixel unit. It is a Hybrid CMOS AF sensor that creates low-noise images. It can generate images that could expand in size for use on larger posters or big canvas materials.

The sensor is strong enough to take images of all kinds including some video shots. It can shoot videos at 1080p quality. Meanwhile, the Hybrid AF technology allows the camera to focus consistently on the image over time without worrying about the image being far too difficult to review.

The DIGIC 5 processor is also added to the sensor to keep it running. This processor supports high-memory functions to make it easier to operate. It, in turn, generates impressive images when used right, thus making it a better choice to find when looking for something that can create powerful and amazing images.


This camera has a good body that is not too hard to use. At about 18.5 ounces in weight or 580g, This is a good model that is easy to carry around. It is 133.1 by 99.8 by 78.8mm in size so it should be rather easy to carry around.

It is made with a stainless steel body. It has a polycarbonate resin surface to create a better grip. It even uses glass fiber materials to keep the body strong without risking possibly cracking apart or wearing out in some way.

The grip has a series of curves at the end to make it easier for the user to hold onto the camera the right way.


Canon EOS 700D Controls
Canon EOS 700D Controls

The control mechanism features a full knob on the top that offers various controls for the filters that might be used. These filters are added to create a better total body that is easy to use and offers a brighter style when used well enough.

The metering pattern works with many numerical options listed on the camera. These include a centre-weighted average metering option plus spot and partial metering choices.

The auto white balance feature works with the imaging sensor to adjust the white color on the camera. It can work with many settings to create different colour settings that might be more unique. A customized white balance setting may be saved if desired.

It uses many drive modes on a knob including single and self-timer modes. It also uses an automatic ISO setting from 100 to 6400 or a selectable option of up to 12800 with the ability to expand it to 25600. A few flash compensation increments may also be added to control how the camera works.


The performance of the camera works well in that it takes pictures rather quickly while improving how well the user can see what comes through the camera. The 3-inch TFT screen on the camera offers a large coverage total that is helpful. However, this does offer just 95 percent coverage in terms of what can be seen at a time through the view finder. Even with this, it all works with a good angle that may be adjusted with a separate lens attachment if the user wishes to add it.


Canon EOS 700D Display

The image quality of the Canon EOS 700D camera is certainly exciting. It has a great 1920x1080 resolution for all shots and videos and will create detailed and realistic shots. The noise generated is minimal as the effects that are generated will not be all that hard to use.

It works with all EF and EF-S lenses that Canon offers. Therefore, it should be great for a vast majority of different uses.


The Li-ion battery is an LP-E8 unit that has four levels on its indicator on the display screen. This operates with about 400 shots on a single charge. The power can also shut off after thirty seconds or a few minutes depending on the setting the user chooses within the camera.


There are a few good and bad points to see with regards to the Canon EOS 700D. These are points about the camera that can directly influence how well a person can use the camera.


  • The touchscreen control system on the back of the camera is very responsive and easy to use.
  • The autofocus control feature works with nine points all around the lens to generate more accurate images.
  • A continuous shooting feature is an efficient option that isn’t too hard to work with.
  • It is very easy to add another lens onto the camera.

  • The lens can take a bit to focus at the start.
  • The battery does not last as long as one might wish it could.
  • The viewfinder doesn’t offer total coverage of the entire image.
  • The live view feature is rather slow in terms of how well it can respond in real time.