Canon IXUS 160

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95.25 X 54.36 X 22.1
127.01 gms
Sensor Type
CCD Sensor
Sensor Size
6.17 - 4.55 mm
20 MP
100 - 1600 ISO
Display Size
Battery Type
Inbuilt Flash
Continuous Shots
Face Detection
Optical Zoom
Digital Zoom
Focal Length
28 - 224



Canon IXUS 160
Canon IXUS 160

The Canon IXUS 160 was introduced in 2015 alongside a few other IXUS camera models. It is used as a low-end version of the camera when compared with the IXUS 165 and 170. It is a choice that should be ideal for all kinds of people, but it’s especially popular for how it’s small and yet easy to use.

This basic camera is designed as a smaller option for people who want a fun camera that can be carried all around and used on the go. The slim design especially makes it perfect for people who want a camera to use without having to lug around anything far too huge all around the place.


The Canon IXUS 160 may be rather small, but it has an impressive sensor that is very powerful. It is a 20-megapixel camera with a CCD setup that is easy to work with. The resolution can even handle an 8x optical zoom feature with a focal range of 28 to 224m, thus making it work somewhat like a traditional 35mm film camera.

Still, this does not work with any image stabilization features. The IXUS 165 and 170 both feature image stabilization instead of this other camera.

The sensor does use a Smart Auto configuration system that works with points on all parts of the lens to identify the best possible display. It, in turn, establishes a better and clearer look all around.


The build on the Canon IXUS 160 makes it very easy to handle. It is a slim unit that fits well into one’s pocket if needed. In particular, the camera is 22.1mm thick and is 95.2mm long so it won’t take up much space. The 127g weight, which is measured with the battery and memory card in it, is lighter in weight than that of many smartphones.

The solid metal body of the IXUS 160 is an attractive part of this phone. It provides the camera with a solid body that is robust enough to handle and will not break apart. The slight curves on the edges especially offer enough control for a good grip on the bottom and top spots.


Canon IXUS 160 Controls
Canon IXUS 160 Controls

The back part of the camera uses a simple setup that configures many of the settings on the unit. The four-part circular control item on the back offers a great control for the flash functions. It also uses the Eco setting to control the power functions on the camera, so it saves battery power. The knob also controls the display on the camera to make it work a little easier.

The camera uses an evaluative metering mode and a centre-weighted average option. A TTL white balance is included with many cloudy or daylight settings. These controls can be accessed through the digital menu on the camera.

The TTL focusing feature also works with nine points around the entire lens. These can be configured through the menu on the unit too. The IXUS 160 also has a strong ISO setup that automatically goes from 100 to 800 depending on the amount of light available in a spot.

Face detection is also used on the focusing feature. It offers better control over the phone’s display to create a stronger appearance on each photo being taken.


The video screen on the IXUS 160 is designed with a brilliant screen that has a good TFT finish, but it may not be as detailed as what one might find in the final photo on this photo. Fortunately, this offers a great organization that is capable of producing close to all of one’s field of vision. This should make for a great option for those looking for something rather simple to use.


The quality of the sensor on the Canon IXUS 160 makes for a strong setup that offers a brilliant look. The 20-megapixel sensor works very well while the 8x optical zoom works well with a strong wide angle control that is easy to use. The 16x ZoomPlus feature especially does well with getting into deeper spots on an image although the resolution will be lower when it has a greater digital zoom setting working at a given time.


The Li-ion battery is designed for 220 shots on a single charge. It can be charged up with an AC adapter that can be ordered alongside the camera. It can also play back about 240 minutes of videos.

The Eco mode allows the camera to take up to 300 shots at a time. However, the automatic functions that are used when this option is active will not be active or as prominent.


People looking for a smaller camera that is efficient and useful should see what the Canon IXUS 160 has to offer. Still, they should also look carefully to see how well the camera can be run based on some pros and cons.


  • The camera is easy to use thanks to its simple dial and menu features.
  • The slim body of the phone makes it a very useful and easy to handle camera.
  • The filter features on this camera are easy to configure.
  • It is very easy to get the camera to work with a memory card. The slot that it goes into is easy to access and use.

  • The preview screen can be hard to read at times.
  • It takes a bit for the auto focus feature on this camera to run and load up.
  • The battery is rather short in terms of how long it works for on a charge.
  • The Eco feature, while it does keep the battery from running out to fast, still keeps the functions on the phone from working to their fullest capacity.

The Canon IXUS 160 will certainly be great for people who want to find a powerful camera that isn’t too big and is still easy to use in many cases.