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Acer Liquid Z520




Acer Liquid Z520
Acer Liquid Z520

Acer released the Liquid Z520 to the public in 2015. The phone continues to be a popular seller to this day thanks to how the phone works with all the basics one needs in such a unit. The phone uses a simple display and a good deal of internal memory that can be expanded upon if desired.

The phone is generally for those who are new to the smartphone game. It is ideal for people who want to get a smartphone but aren’t certain as to how well it can work. The phone’s design and functionality make it a popular choice for people who want to find smartphones that aren’t too complicated and will do what people want.


Acer Liquid Z520 Design
Acer Liquid Z520 Display

The basic screen on the Acer Liquid Z520 is 5 inches in size. It has a 480x800 resolution that has a display of 187 pixels per inch. The screen is small in size, but it will generate top quality images as it processes high definition signals well. It can also play back HD media files through one of the various players on the Android operating system.

The basic plastic screen on the Liquid Z520 is designed to be easy to handle. It is not too elaborate or fancy, but it proves to be a good option for people who want a phone that isn’t too challenging to use.

The 118g phone is very light in weight and has a 6.4mm thickness. It is designed to be small enough to carry anywhere and easy to use and carry. The arrangement of the phone is not too unique or outstanding, but it does get the job done.


Acer Liquid Z520 performance
Acer Liquid Z520 Performance

The Mediatek MT6582M processor is a good option for this smaller smartphone. Amazingly, the power is anything but small. It is a quad-core 1.3GHz processor that runs more programs quickly and does not lag. In particular, it works with HD programs that allow the phone to keep running well.

The phone comes in two separate options. It has a 1 GB RAM choice with 8 GB of internal memory and a 2 GB RAM option with 16 GB of memory. Both options work well when getting programs to run and to manage multi-tasking. Regardless of the options one chooses, a microSD card of up to 32 GB in size can be added to the phone to expand upon the memory.

The Android 4.4.2 operating system is also included on this phone. This older version of the Android OS does well for those who want to play back files with ease so it will create a great arrangement for all to use.


Acer Liquid Z520 Camera
Acer Liquid Z520 Dual-Camera

The camera features on the Acer Liquid Z520 cover two separate cameras. The primary rear camera has an 8-megapixel lens with an autofocus feature. A LED flash bulb is also added to improve how well it generates light for pictures. The 2-megapizel lens for the front camera also works with much of the same software as the larger option does.

It can record HD video and uses a face detection system. It has multiple focus points to create more accurate images when it has time to look through all the features.

For other multimedia features, this uses a YouTube app and a media player that is easy to configure. An FM radio receiver is also included although it needs to be out in the open when trying to get the best possible sounds generated out of it.


The 2000mAh battery is a popular part of the phone that should be checked carefully. This phone uses the energy carefully by generating enough light on the screen to where it will not be far too intense. It does not drain out quickly, thus allowing it to work for a longer period in a variety of situations.

The 3G support provided by the phone makes it a popular choice. It also uses a hotspot feature for a Wi-Fi connection to generate a signal if such a connection may not work properly.

The Bluetooth 4.0 connection system links this to many mobile devices. The microUSB 2.0 port also links this to a computer while also powering up the battery.

The GPS receiver on this phone also works quickly. It can be used alongside the included map application to generate driving directions to all kinds of places.

In terms of the sim cards, the phone comes in a single or dual-sim arrangement depending on the option the user has chosen. The microSD card for expanding the memory will be added into a dedicated slot. The phone does rather well with taking in signals although it is important to watch for what is available. It’s also better to use this in an open area where it will be easier for signals actually to come in.


The Acer Liquid Z520 has a few pros and cons to look at. These are important aspects that relate heavily to how well the phone works and what makes it efficient enough for many demands.

  • The phone is easy to use with a responsive operating system.
  • The battery will last for a while.
  • The applications on the phone are easy to use.
  • Users will especially enjoy using the connectivity features.
  • The Android OS is relatively out of date.
  • The screen’s pixel density is not as strong as what you might expect to see based on its resolution.
  • Not all applications that have been installed on the phone are useful.
  • Some connectivity options might be rather difficult to set up based on what is available in an area.

People looking for a good phone to use should think about what makes the Acer Liquid Z520 an ideal option. It is a choice that can certainly do well for all those who want to get a basic phone that is easy to start using. It is an efficient option that all will love to use.