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Acer Liquid Zest Plus



Acer Liquid Zest Plus
Acer Liquid Zest Plus

Acer is going to launch the Liquid Zest Plus this year, and it is a significant upgrade in the Liquid Zest. By big, we mean regarding the battery. The phone packs an amazing 5000 mAh battery that Acer says will last you for 3 days. It is huge as most phones hardly pack enough juice for 2 days. The phone is going to be released in the medium range price category and will go against the likes of Asus Zenfone Max, Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro and the Lenovo Vibe P1 turbo in terms of battery. In this review, we find out if the phone has what it takes to cut it in this tough market?


Acer Liquid Zest Plus Display
Acer Liquid Zest Plus Display

There is nothing spectacular about the design, but it isn’t too shabby either. It shows that Acer is spending more time trying to make devices that not only work well but look good so you can flaunt it around too. The front of the phone has the selfie camera in the middle of the screen. Below the screen in the Acer logo. There are no navigation buttons; they are all on the screen. It slightly reduces the screen space. The back of the phone has the primary camera and an LED flash below it. The speaker grille is present at the bottom on the back of the phone. The power button and the volume rocker are both present on the right side of the phone. There is an audio jack on the top and a micro USB on the bottom. The phone takes a single SIM and has a microSD slot. The 5.5 inch HD screen display of the phone has a resolution of 720x1280 pixels. The display isn’t that noteworthy, competitors in the same price range provide better displays than this. Colors are vibrant, but the small resolution is immediately visible, and it makes the experience of using the phone not that exciting. However, the phone’s all plastic body and curved design will make it easy and comfortable to hold. It is also easy to use with one hand.


Acer Liquid Zest Plus Performance
Acer Liquid Zest Plus Performance

Under the hood, the phone has a 1.3 GHz quad-core MediaTek processor coupled with a 2 GB RAM. The phone seamlessly runs when using multiple apps and multitasking. Playing lightweight games on the phone shouldn’t be a problem, although running the most intensive games will be a bit problematic. The 2 GB of RAM is a bonus on the phone while the MediaTek processor is a downgrade from what other manufacturers offer in the same range. The phone runs on Android 6.0 and has an internal memory of 16GB, which could expand to 32GB with a microSD card.


Acer Liquid Zest Plus
Acer Liquid Zest Plus Camera

Acer is very proud of the camera on their phone. Their 13 MP primary shooter has tri focus feature which means that it uses laser detection, phase detection and contrast detection focusing on giving you better stable images with less focusing time. The quality of the pictures seems to be excellent. The images have good contrast and vibrant colors. The only downside is that the quality of the images is hard to gauge through the screen. The tri focus certainly works and reduces focusing time when the camera app is up and running. Contrast detection on the phone is the most notable effect, and overall it is a good camera. The 5 MP front camera is also decent and will help you take good selfies. The speakers on the phone have HD DTS audio which means that you will get good sounds from the speakers too. Other multimedia options include a video player, photo viewer and FM radio.


Acer Liquid Zest Plus Battery
Acer Liquid Zest Plus Battery

The selling point of this phone seems to the 5000 mAh battery that Acer has been promoting a lot. The huge battery should last well into three days under normal usage. On the other hand, though, the huge battery means that it will also take a long time to charge it to full capacity, although it supports fast charging functionality. Acer is so proud of their battery that they seem to have forgotten to add good connectivity options in the phone. No 3G or 4G that supports the phone. Can you imagine any phone in 2016 without 3G support? When competitors are providing 4G in all of their phones, Acer isn’t even giving 3G. It will turn many users away from this phone despite the large battery. Other than that the phone supports Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and USB OTG. There isn’t any NFC support or IR blaster either. The phone doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner or an IR blaster either which is present in most phones in the same range, like the LeEco or the Lenovo Vibe.


It seems that Acer is going to release this phone primarily to show off the battery while failing to add other features that are essential to phones. The fact that the phone has no 3G support and the inferior screen will draw many users away from the phone. Acer has however managed to improve their design and has added a nice camera to the phone. So even though there are things that have to be improved, Acer is still getting there when it comes to making good budget phones. Here we take a look at some the upsides and downsides of the phone

  • The phone has been designed very well and it certainly looks better than any of Acer’s previous phones.
  • The huge battery which can power the phone for 2 days easily and up to 3 days with minimal use.
  • The 13 MP front camera with tri focus technology for more stable photos and faster focus times.

  • The phone has no 3G or 4G support and it has no NFC support either.
  • There is still room for improvement in the processor of the phone.
  • While most phones provide 2 SIM slots, this phone has just one.