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Alcatel One Touch 1010




Alcatel One Touch 1010
Alcatel OT 1010

The Company Alcatel established in the year 2004 with a joint undertaking of Alcatel-Lucent of France and TCL Communication of China. It started manufacturing the series of one touch devices of phones and tablets. Alcatel One Touch 1010 released in the year 2013 with a classic design. It possesses the very basic features and targets the market where the phone is used only for calling and sending texts. The people who are satisfied with just the basic requirement can go for this phone easily.


Alcatel One Touch 1010 Design
Alcatel OT 1010 Design & Build

With TFT colour screen (65K), 125 ppi , and display resolution of 128 *128 pixels, the phone possesses a classical design. Though the screen is not big enough, the quality of the screen is quite good. But you cannot expect an excellent display within the sunlight. The body of this phone powerfully built with large keys on the keypad. The body manufactured with plastic and the weight is very light with only 59 grams. The dimension of the body is 106*46*13 mm (H/L/W) It is a dual SIM Capacitive phone with the regular mini SIM.


It possesses an inbuilt memory of 3 MB with a 4 MB RAM. The capacity of the processor is 260 MHz. The GSM is of dual band 900/1800 MHz. It has a torch and inbuilt radio features. With a long battery life, the navigation of the phone is very user-friendly in nature. Along with the T9 dictionary, you can send and receive SMS as well as MMS on this phone. With a huge number of polyphonic ringtone options, the vibration alerts are also present in the phone. You can save up to 100 contacts in the directory of the phone. It has settings of two languages – one is the phone language, and the other is the input language. For displaying the texts on your phone, the phone language is used. The dictionary uses the input language for the predictive texts. The languages are easily accessible either from the general settings or the phone settings under the Settings menu.

Some special organizer features are present like calculator, calendar, watch, etc. There are profiles like general, silent as well as the flight mode. All the features perform well and add an excellent usability to the phone.


Alcatel One Touch 1010 Camera
Alcatel OT 1010 Camera

The music player of the phone supports audio formats like MP3, AAC, MIDI, WAV, IMY and AMR. The RDS (Radio Data System) is also quite good. Several gaming options are present in this particular device. Within the call features, you can notice the conference calls and the hold call option in this phone. In the voice features, you can use the loudspeakers with this device. If you want to forward any SMS or MMS, you will have to press the message button for a long time and can notice the list of various options then. From the options, you can select the one you want to. As the phone possesses in-built language, if you choose the option Automatic, it will select the language according to the SIM card.


The battery life of this phone is far better than the average smartphones. The battery of the phone is of Li-Ion 400 mAh and the battery standby capacity is about 13 days or approximately 330 hours. The connectivity of the phone supported by USB port of 1.1 and the talk time of about 7 hours. When you need to remove the battery, make sure you have switched off your phone. The chargers which designed for this phone meet all the standard of safety. It will operate within the temperature range of 0 degrees to 40-degree centigrade. The battery must be disposed of after following the environmental guidelines. It just cannot be burnt or disposed of with all the household rubbish.


Now, let us discuss what we liked and what we did not like about this phone.

  • Long Life Battery
  • Strongly built structure, which prevents from scratches even if it falls down on a hard base
  • Dual SIM supported
  • Easy to use with super easy navigation
  • No Volume Control In The Alarm
  • Message storage capacity is very less and the Inbox gets full very quickly
  • Saving 2 contact numbers with the same name is not possible