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Alcatel Pop 4s



Alcatel Pop 4s
Alcatel Pop 4s

The Alcatel Pop 4S is an advanced smartphone model. This choice from Alcatel has a great screen and processor to boot. This phone was introduced in February 2016. It was made as a slight evolution over the Pop 3 phone. The Pop 4S has a similar processor, but it also has a better resolution when compared with what the Pop 3 offers. It also has a great camera and plenty of connectivity options to create a good arrangement that is smart and easy for all to look forward to using.


Alcatel Pop 4s Design and Display
Alcatel Pop 4s Design

The Alcatel Pop 3 has a 5.5-inch 1280x720 screen. It is appealing, but the Alcatel Pop 4S has an even better screen. In particular, the Pop 4S offers a 1080x1920 5.5-inch screen. This high-definition screen will play back some of the best HD videos possible while also working well with the camera that is built into the phone.

It all comes with a smooth body that is easy to carry around. It is 7.9mm thick and has a 71 percent screen to body ratio so it will allow the picture features to stay visible and bright. It also, uses a multitouch system in terms of how individual programs can be controlled. It can handle up to five points at a time, thus allowing the user to have more control for many basic demands.

A fingerprint sensor can be found on the body as well. This feature allows the phone to scan one's finger quickly for when it needs to be loaded up. It makes it easier for the user to protect the phone and keep it from being broken into in some manner.


Alcatel Pop 4s Performance
Alcatel Pop 4s Performance

The process on the Alcatel Pop 4S is similar to what the Pop 3 has in that they are both around 1GHz in speed. The Pop 4S particularly uses a Mediatek Helio P10 processor that uses an octa-core setup. This fast setup allows the phone to run fast and to be efficient. It keeps lagging from being a serious issue and especially does well when running more programs.

In fact, the 2 GB of RAM on this phone will especially get this to work quickly and with enough power. It allows multitasking to be possible and easy to follow. The Pro 4S has 16 GB of space. It can be expanded to 64 GB with a microSD card. This is appropriate enough for most of the programs one wants to use.

The Android 6.0 operating system is also used in this phone. It is a more modern choice for people to utilize thanks to how it is a more advanced option with better control features.


Alcatel Pop 4s Camera
Alcatel Pop 4s Camera

The camera is a 13-megapixel model with a f/2.0 lens. It lets in plenty of light and even uses an LED flash feature to make it easier for the phone to work right. It especially does well with many filters and other shooting features to make the pictures more appealing and stunning. It also records 1080p videos at 30fps.

The 5-megapixel lens on the front camera is perfect for when people are looking to get selfies ready. It offers a crisp and clear look that is easy to work with and even works with a focus feature to keep selfies from being blurry or otherwise unusual in their appearance. The Android 6.0 OS also works with more modern media playback programs. It works well for most typical programs and should be very easy for all to handle no matter what one might demand to use.


The battery on the Alcatel Pop 4S is powerful than the 2500mAh battery on the Pop 3. The Pop 4S offers a 2960mAh battery that is fully removable although it does need to be on the phone for it to be properly recharged. Still, this can be replaced as often as necessary.

The phone offers up to twelve hours of talk time on a 3G network. It also works with about 450 hours of standby time on a full charge so it will be fully ready for all sorts of uses. Of course, more high-end programs will use up more battery power depending on what one is using.

It supports a 4G network as well as a Wi-Fi signal or NFC connection. Bluetooth 4.2 support is also included to make it easier for the phone to create a good link to different items. The GPS receiver on this phone is an especially useful item that is easy to manage.


The features of the Alcatel Pop 4S makes for a great setup that is easy for all to look forward to having. However, people need to take a careful look at the pros and cons of this phone to get an idea of what it is like.

  • The RAM on this phone is very powerful and effective for many needs.
  • The hard drive is great enough to be expanded upon for all sorts of demands.
  • The Bluetooth connection on this phone works well with a variety of devices.
  • The Android 6.0 operating system is a modern option that is very easy to use.
  • The phone’s screen is not as big as it needs to be.
  • The process for adding the microSD card is rather tough due to how the phone practically has to be opened up to make it work.
  • The screen is tough to adjust in terms of how bright it is.
  • The operating system does have some added files that are unnecessary and will use up plenty of space on the hard drive to make it all work well enough.

When looking for an effective smartphone, try looking at the Alcatel Pop 4S. This smartphone has a great body and is easy to use for many demands. This phone especially has a strong series of connection options and is particularly nice for all to have. It also has a great processor that will make a real difference.