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Apple iPhone 11 Plus



It hasn’t been a month since the launch of the iPhone X and Apple has already shared their plans for the next phone in line, which will be the speculated iPhone 11. Personally, there isn’t much to comment. The only reason behind Apple’s sudden announcement can be traced back to the poor unveiling of the iPhone X. After the iPhone X failed to recognize the face of Craig Federighi, the Apple VP of Software Engineering. Now, most people say that it wasn’t a failure and that it was due to the dust and impurities on Craig’s face that stopped the face scan. Nonetheless, the damage has been done and Apple is chalking this to be a prototype device for their next gen of iPhones. The iPhone X had a lot of new features which were meant for testing before a splashed version of it was introduced in the future devices.


According to KGI’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the predictions for the iPhone 11 is already on the widespread. He is one of the most accurate speculate when it comes to Apple’s products and he has given his ideas regarding the next smartphone. The iPhone 11, much like the X will have the similar features only a bit furbished. It will most probably come equipped with a Super AMOLED display and a screen size of about 5.9-inches and a resolution of 1125 x 2436 or higher. However, unlike the iPhone X, the 11 will most probably have a screen to body ratio around 90%. Apple is speculated to get rid of the little bezel at the top of the screen which contains the speakers and the front camera. The new installment of iPhones shall have all the display to themselves. As for design, they will feature the stainless steel frame.


The iPhone X yields a score over the 200k mark, making it the most powerful device out there. As we have seen time again, the iPhone will be no exception. The specs mentioned in this article are just speculations based on the information available on the net. They are not to be taken seriously and are subject to change at the time of launch of the actual device.

No device comes close to the iPhone in terms of performance, simply because of its optimization. The iPhone will probably be the most powerful device out there. The iPhone X will come equipped with the Apple A11 Bionic chipset or better. Clocked at 2.39GHz, the hexa-core CPU will offer a seamless experience in terms of usability. Apple rarely makes changes to their hardware and it is speculated that the A11 chipset bionic will be used in the iPhone 11. The upcoming device will also have 64 and 256 GB variants in terms of internal storage. Words out that Apple might be including 4GB of RAM in the iPhone 11, which is yet to be confirmed. With the new change in design, the iOS 11.1 might also get a slight upgrade to support the newfound space the top.


Much like the iPhone X and every other device around the block, the iPhone 11 will also have dual rear camera sensors. They may be 12 or 13 MP and ant be confirmed since we are still waiting for an official report. The front camera will be 7 MP shooter or higher and all the cameras will support full HD recording, the rear supporting up to 240fps and the front up to 30fps max. Other features such Optical Image Stabilization, phase detection autofocus, 2x optical zoom, HDR, 4K video recording and much more will also be available in the upcoming iPhone 11.

As for the audio and video codex, it will have support for the basics such as MP3, MP4, FLV, M4A, AAX+, H.265, and AIFF.


Apple has not been very generous when it comes to the battery. The iPhone X had a 2716 Li-ion battery, which isn’t enough. Though Apple promises to ramp up the battery capacity, it hasn’t done in all these years. All the previous iPhones suffer from decent to below average battery life on average usage, and we are hoping the speculated iPhone 11 does something different. Although the iPhone 11 will support 4G LTE capabilities, we don’t know if it's going to be a single or dual sim device.


  • Aluminium Body
  • Glass Back
  • Battery Capacity is low
  • Only 12 MP camera