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Apple iPhone 6S




Apple iPhone 6s
Apple iPhone 6s

The launch of any Apple device has its own share of excitement, and let’s not underrate the hype it follows too. The iPhones are the best, and the high price smartphones on the planet. The company acquired thousands, if not tens of thousands of followers with its launch of the iPhone 6 a couple of years ago. The iPhone 6 holds the beauty, although it didn’t offer much difference in specifications. For someone already using an iPhone 5S, an upgrade would probably not be a very fruitful investment. However, things have changed drastically with the introduction of the iPhone 6S. Better horsepower, better RAM, and a better design – the phone seems to have it all. We decided to dive deeper into review of iPhone 6S for two reasons – first, because we like the iPhone 6S features comes up with, and second, we wanted to see if the 6S deserves all that cost you are going to spend on it.

Although, with the launch of Apple’s brand new flagship, iPhone 7, which does no longer have a headphone jack, and a new Home button, which does not actually presses down anymore, it can be a little weird. The iPhone 7’s design does not have many changes from iPhone 6S, except for the slight redesign to the antennas around the back. These could be enough reasons to still go for the iPhone 6S, particularly because the iPhone 6S is already good enough for practically anything you would want to.

The iPhone 6S was launched on 16 October 2015 and comes as a successor to Apple’s first big-screen smartphone, the iPhone 6 with advanced specifications. With iPhone 6 there were a few significant developments when compared to the 5S. However, the 6S brings in a lot of new features. The device comes with a stronger chassis, a better camera unit, and with an entirely new approach to user interaction. Available in three memory variants, the iPhone 6S, which is undoubted among the most expensive handsets, quickly falls in the segment of premium phones. As to the intended audience, it is a major upgrade if you’re still using the 5S, and for those using 6, it’s worth spending your money here. Also, not to forget, there is a new reason to buy the iPhone 6S. Apple has doubled the storage and have reduced the price of iPhone 6S, in one fell swoop. Let’s now have a review of Apple iPhone 6S, then you can yourself decide, whether the iPhone 6S still stands a chance against its successor iPhone 7, or not.


iPhone 6s Design
Apple iPhone 6s Design & Build

As we have already mentioned before, the design differences between both the handsets are minor. In fact, apart from a black S logo on the rear panel, there’s nothing more significant. The frame is slightly thicker, and the device feels a bit heavier too. If you are upgrading from the iPhone 5, there are plenty of things you will come to know. The phone comes with a bigger, better screen, more powerful RAM, slightly better camera unit, and the obvious good looks. The phone feels stronger and robust.

The display is beautiful and sufficiently bright. The screen size is 4.7-inch with a screen resolution of 750*1334. It seems somewhat disappointing because other competitors offer a 1080p screen that comes up with a 4K phone. Nevertheless, 6S display is immensely colorful, clear and bright, and seamlessly integrated with the glass. For a screen of this size, pixel density of 326ppi seems just adequate. The fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating is an advantage here and helps in keeping the screen clean.


iPhone 6s Performance
Apple iPhone 6s Performance

iOS v9.0 is great, and theoretically, any device above iPhone 4 can be upgraded to the new operating system. However, not all upgrades will offer the desired results although upgrading iOS devices are way easier than Androids. Your iPhone may lag, or may exhibit considerable delay when loading the apps. The iPhone 6S, however, has been designed to run the latest OS natively and offers the smoothest iOS experience. Add this to the M9 coprocessor and 2GB RAM that the device comes built-in with, and you will love the way 6S runs. There is no noticeable lags in the device, although there are some delays when we tried pulling down the search bar, or when swiping out the proactive menu. In case of iPhone, memory in the phone is limited, and one will have to be satisfied with the amount of memory the device offers by default.

The 6S offers a host of other new features, most notable ones being the 3D Touch, the improved fingerprint sensor, LIVE photos and the better A9 microprocessor. While the A9 helps conserve battery (among a lot of other things), the new fingerprint sensor is relatively faster, an added advantage when using Apple Pay. The Force Touch technology (already being used in MacBook Pro and the Watch) has been renamed as 3D Touch and offers new features such as Peek and Pop. These give you a view of your emails and messages without really opening them, and long pressing on keys also brings up different options, eventually making the smartphone even smarter!


iPhone 6s Camera
Apple iPhone 6s Camera

Apple’s new camera innovation records a second and a half before, and a second and a half after you snap any shot on your phone. This is actually another aspect where Apple has boosted the power of the 6S. The iSight camera (or the rear camera) now features a 12MP unit with 1.22 micro pixels. Also, the FaceTime camera also features an improved 5MP unit. Live Photos are an enhanced addition to the device, but the same features have already been offered by BlackBerry and HTC sometime back. Also, for those using the 16GB variant and not on iCloud, this feature probably isn’t very feasible. Additionally, the unit also offers 4K video recording, improved noise reduction, and autofocus with focus pixels. The photos taken during daylight are pretty detailed and colorful. However, images taken in low light conditions do not match up with the quality offered by the competitors in the same price segment.

The phone supports a variety of audio formats, and can play audio between 8 and 320kbps. TV and video capabilities include AirPlay Mirroring, and also supports images, audio as well as videos sent to Apple TV as output. The 6S also supports video mirroring and video output support up to 1080p. These will require using the Lightning Digital AV Adapter and Lightning to VGA adapter. Sadly, these are not part of the package, and will have to be purchased separately.


iPhone 6s Charging Slot
Apple iPhone 6s Charging Slot

The battery in the iPhone 6S gave good results, but in practicality, there is not much difference between the backup of other phones and the 6S. Technically, the phone supports an 1715 mAh battery, which is not much different from the battery of last year’s iPhone 6. This also seems low as per the current standards, but this is what you deal with the 6S. Nevertheless, you can make a significant difference to the power-up time by switching to the Low Power mode which is a new power savong mode in iOS 9, and it can eke out more use at the end of the day. Moreover, disabling apps running in the background also gives a boost to the backup time. Similar to its predecessor, the 6S also supports various WiFi bands, namely a/b/g/n, hotspot, Bluetooth 4.2, USB 2.0, LTE, and NFC.


Of course, just like every other smartphone out in the market, Apple iPhone 6S is nothing different in regards of pros and cons. This one also has its fair share of positives and negatives. In comparison to its younger sibling, the iPhone 6, it has improved speed everywhere. It has the all new processor, a faster wireless and a quicker Touch ID sensor. The iPhone 6S has a sturdier body, along with some better and wonderful front and rear, both cameras. And not to forget, the bold new 3D Touch pressure sensitive display, which offers the new iOS shortcuts. But just like I mentioned, it also has its negatives. The battery life, which has been the problem for almost every other iPhone. It has the same battery as that of the iPhone 6. If you are looking for better battery life, you will have to buy a larger iPhone 6 Plus or you should upgrade to an iPhone 7, who’s release is just around the corner. Also, the optical image stabilization for photos and videos is also not present. You will have to upgrade for this as well. Let’s take a look at all this in a few points –

  • Fast processor and more memory
  • High quality camera
  • Force touch feature
  • Advanced and secure fingerprint scanner
  • No expandable memory
  • Slight increase in weight
  • Battery capacity is less than its previous versions

With the launch of Apple iPhone 7, which is the new hot stuff, iPhone 6S is still a great deal. As speculated, soon after the release of iPhone 7, there is a big price drop for iPhone 6, along with the storage upgrade, which makes it double of the previous storage. So, Apple iPhone 6S is still one of the greatest phone from Apple, and it should not be marked off. If you don’t have enough bank balance to spend on iPhone 7, you should go for the iPhone 6S.

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