Apple iPhone 8S Plus Price in Dubai, UAE  

Apple iPhone 8S Plus



Apple may be considered as the father of all modern smartphones. No matter how many phones are released into the market, few can be compared to the UI and workflow that an iPhone offers. It’s a beauty, to say the least. Of course it comes with a cost. The Apple interface is totally closed i.e., the Apple devices are not compatible with any other gadgets. In order to use accessories on an iPhone, you must buy Apple branded products, since no other brands are compatible with the OS.

So whenever, a rumor surfaces that a new device is going to be launched, the whole Apple community goes haywire. The Apple iPhone 8S, rumored to be launched soon after the iPhone 7 is guaranteed some sci-fi tech that no one has ever seen before.


Some concept pictures have surfaced over the internet and so far the community is super hyped about the new super sleek design of the upcoming iPhone 8S. It seems as thin as a paper and one can only dream of how comfortable it must feel to hold such sleekness in one’s hands. In terms of display, the iPhone 8S will supposedly be packing the next gen and more advanced LCD, also known as the Micro-LED. They seem to have gone into a partnership with LG in order to come with the new technology. In addition, the new 3D touch that Apple is boasting about seems amazing. It is said that Apple might get rid of the home button altogether and replace it with a fingerprint recognition sensor, but unlike all other sensors, this one will be transparent and attached to the screen. With each page, the animation on the sensor will also change, but that’s all in theory. Apple says that the display will be much more bezel free and most probably will have a fullHD screen.


As of now, no details about the specifications of the iPhone 8S have been leaked out. The iPhone 7S had an Apple A10 Fusion quad-core processor, clocked at 2.34 GHz, with two Hurricane and two Zephyr cores. The GPU consisted of a PowerVR Series 7XT Plus, which was a 6 core graphics card, pretty powerful and support all those fluid like animations with ease. The Apple iPhone 7s came out in 3 variants, the 64GB, 128GB and the 256GB, all with 2GB of RAM. Since the new iPhone8 plus is rumored to have sci-fi like specs, it may as well have 512GB of storage space for all we know. Apple might bump up the RAM to 1 to 2 GB for that us something we cannot say for sure. The 7 Plus came with iOS 10.0.1 and was upgradable to 10.3. The future of the iPhone 8S plus I yet unknown. It may be launched with the present 10.3, which is highly unlikely. Most probably, the next phone in the lineup will sport a new iOS version, especially if it is to have a new UI, which the company previously confirmed.


The iPhone 8 Plus will sport the new dual camera, much like its predecessor the iPhone 7S. Rumors about a new technology known as the Linx is being speculated, but there are no confirmations. The new technology will offer new features such as additional 2x- 3x zoom capabilities. With the new introduction of two lenses, pictures will be more vivid and will boast much accurate color representations. But the core functionality the dual-camera will bring is the depth of focus. Previously pictures were taken by the mobile camera, although having autofocus, didn’t haze out the field enough when the subject in focus was kept a bit far from the camera. The background and the subject almost seemed to be in the same amount of focus.

The Dual camera will solve that problem, by maintaining the proper field of depth as seen in DSLRs.


The battery is the Achilles heel of the iPhone. The 7S had a 1960 mAh battery and this time we are hoping Apple includes some more juice in their devices. In terms of connectivity, the mobile will have single nano sim support, supporting both 3G and 4G connections and anything that may come in the future.


  • Promising hardware
  • High-Res dual camera
  • Battery life