Apple iPhone 9 Plus Price in Dubai, UAE  

Apple iPhone 9 Plus



Apple is always trying and innovating. Finding new ways to deliver a fresh new mobile experience, which their customers have never experienced before. Most of the advanced features that we work on today were first invented by apple and were later adopted by the other mobile manufacturers out there. Apple is the father of all smartphone and the time, with the new rumored iPhone 9 Plus, Apple is taking a page from the sci-fi movies, a page from the future and will be sticking it into their phone.

As far as the release of the new device is concerned, it will most probably be launched during late 2018. It may seem a bit late to be speculating about a device which hasn't released yet, but it's fun to discuss these specs. To catch a glimpse of the future is always amazing.


As of now, all of that we will be saying about the smartphone is a speculation and they are subjected to change. The design of the iPhone 9 Plus directly correlates to the devices that Tony Stark used in the movie Iron Man. The new Apple 9 is supposed to have a glass display. We are not sure where Apple intends to put the battery tough. The edge to edge glass body will allow you to see through the phone. While working the glass will darken itself so that you can properly view the contents on the phone. The display resolution will be a default 4K but may resort to any other higher resolution that might be invented somewhere in the near future. The screen size is yet unknown, but it will be the standard dimension that is being used in the phones today. A full glass interfaces old numerous possibilities in terms of design. A simple change of theme will simply transform the phone into the whole new device. The new apple 9 Plus is a groundbreaking concept, and should apple seem to deliver it, the face of the smartphone industry will change forever.


The iPhone 7 Plus runs on the iOS 10.0.1 and I upgradable to 10.3. it is power by the quad-core Apple A10 Fusion chipset, which is clocked at 2.34 GHz. The GPU is a PowerVR Series 7XT Plus. Presently, this is what Apple has to offer. In the future, they may resort to upgrading these, to introduce a whole new lineup of processors and chipset. It is strongly believed that Apple will create a whole new lineup of specs for specifically the iPhone 9. You see, iPhone 9 Plus is a design we have never seen before. To have a display which is fully transparent is like looking into the next phase of evolution. Most probably the new devices won’t work on the old engines. They were created in a specific way and if Apple cannot make them invisible, they will have to adjust the processors of the device somewhere on the bezels of the phone. Those bezels will be quite small and to cram, something like the heart of the device in there will be an arduous task. As of now, we cannot say anything about the RAM either according to how optimized Apple really, I don’t think RAM will be an issue and they might invest a generous 2 to 3 GB RAM into the iPhone 9 Plus.


With the way things are progressing, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple introduces three cameras into their mobiles in the future. The 7 Plus has two 12 megapixel cameras, which enhances the depth of the picture taken on the device. Now what the iPhone 9 Plus will be bringing to the table is out of the world. we might not be able to correlate this with anything that we have seen before. To assume that the camera on the iPhone 9 Plus will be 12-megapixel shooters is a folly. Given the design Apple is adopting, the specs of the devices will also go topsy-turvy.


The battery has never been Apple’s strong suit. The Apple devices laws run out of battery and with every new release we just hope that they address this issue. Speculations say that the 9 Plus will be powered by a 2850 mAh battery but we do know for sure. The device may also be dual sim device, that supports 4G, and any other future frequencies.


  • Otherworldly design.
  • Innovative and fresh look that might change the face the present smartphone market.
  • Too good to be true.
  • Is a prototype and may have various issues at the beginning.
  • Battery performance