Google Pixel 3 Price in Dubai, UAE  

Google Pixel 3



Google is now focusing on the launches of the smart phones instead of the laptops. There will be three handsets of Google, on which it is currently working on. Amongst them the Google pixel 3 will be getting launched sometime in late 2017 or early 2018. From the time Google has shared this news, lot of handset companies have already started fighting over the license making activities. According to the news, LG has taken the winning crown for Google pixel series. But nothing is confirmed till the date of launch is confirmed. Not much has been revealed, but here’s what is known about the phone so far.


Since it will be a Google handset, it is ought to be having styles and look. Apart from this, comfort also is a factor to consider. A multi touch capacitive display will be present in a 5 inch wide screen, with 16.7M colours. Google is yet to decide on the colours the handset will be manufactured in. No specifications of the type of protection and the dimensions of the handset are out, but one thing is clear that the handset will have an aluminium metal build to enhance the classy shiny look of the premium smartphone. It is too early to talk about the sensors which will be available in the handset but one thing is sure that the Google Pixel 3 support just one SIM.


Expectations from the entire Pixel series are quite high. The latest one, in the name of Google pixel 3 should come with best of the features and powerful processors to handle a plethora of apps at one go. And this will be possible with the octa core processor (2.45 GHz, quad core, Kyro + 1.9 GHz, quad core, Kyro). The operating system of the handset will be of Android v7.1 or later, whichever is the latest one in the smartphone industry. Apart from this, the handset is also promising a 6 GB RAM with an internal storage of 64GB. It is too early to talk about any expansion options for the memory as the handset is still on the ground works.


The Google pixel 3, no doubt will be having great speakers to attract the new generation. Apart from this, the only known specifications about the camera are the resolutions of the back and front lenses. The primary camera will have a resolving power of 13 MP, whereas the secondary camera will be having 8 MP resolution. In short, Google will be keeping in mind the craze for the selfies and video calling. Although the features the camera will be packed with all these, is not sure yet, but Google is very promising in the fact of matching the pace of high demands of the customers.

Features such as HDR, HDR+, Geo-tagging, panorama, Pro Mode, time lapse video, etc. are obvious to be expected. Also, we are expecting the camera to be capable of recording full resolution 4K videos @60fps. Most cameras today can capture slow motion videos are up to 120fps - this too is the minimum we’re expecting from the Pixel 3.

As far as other multimedia are concerned, we aren’t yet sure if Google will keep a 3.5mm jack for audio, or would we have to depend on peripheral accessories like the iPhone 7. A dual-microphone with stereo recording w/ active noise cancellation is also expected the phone.


The handset will be compatible with the 3G/HSPA and the 4G/LTE networks. The handset will be coming with the connectivity features like Wi-Fi, hotspot, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE and GPS. If the smartphone is promising that it will be the most powerful one in all the three, it gives a hint of having a powerful battery which lasts long. The battery will be of Li- ion type and will be having a minimum charge holding capacity of 3000 mAh. There will be the option of quick charging, but we cannot say anything about wireless charging yet.


It is very early in contemplating about what exactly could be the goods and bads of the upcoming Google pixel 3. Here’s what can be summarised from all the speculations:

  • Excellent Cameras w/ effective resolution power
  • Powerful processor w/ latest Android OS
  • Long lasting Li- ion battery
  • Loads of memory - 6GB RAM/64GB ROM
  • Metal Body could heat a lot
  • Nothing innovative in the display
  • Might turn out to be very costly