Google Pixel 3 XL Price in Dubai, UAE  

Google Pixel 3 XL



The title for the best smartphone in the world is a prestige that is fought over by many companies all around the world. Few seem to have achieved it, and those that do are soon toppled over the by the ever-rising competition. The Google Pixel lineup has sent the world into a bit of chaos, simply because of the great specifications that it’s offering. A rumor has been going around that though Google launched two Pixel variants, a third is already being prepared. The speculations are substantiated by the recent leaks on the internet regarding the code names, Albacore, Crosshatch, and Blueline. The meaning and the significance of these names are not yet clear and we are awaiting further information from the manufacturer. The specs discussed in this article are based on assumptions and are subject to change at the time of launch.


In terms of design, the Pixel received a significant upgrade from the Pixel. A significant new feature in the Pixel 2 is the squeeze feature that instantly launches the Google voice assistant. This is a niche little feature and although not much, may become popular among the users. All that’s left for the Pixel 3 XL is to include face recognition technology like the iPhone X. The Pixel 2 has a 6-inch P-OLED with a resolution of 76.4% screen-to-body ratio and an effective resolution of 1440 x 2880 pixels. The pixel is capped at 538ppi which results in some superb clear color representation. Although the Pixel 3 is supposedly in the works, the community is eager to see where the company makes their next upgrade. Giving that the Pixel 3 XL a bigger screen will transform it into a phablet, so that’s not an option. At this point, it can be anything, and all we can do right now is wait.


The latest high-end powerhouse includes the octa-core Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 processor, Adreno 540 and maybe 4/6 GB of RAM. All the premium phones have these in their systems. As for the rumored Pixel 3 XL, we assume it will have the same package, maybe a bit more optimized. It can also make a debut with a new and higher version of the Snapdragon processor as well, but that is highly unlikely. Chances are, if the Pixel 3 XL does see the light of the day, it will have the same package of something that completely steamrolls the smartphone community. There are other possibilities, such as a new Android version, 256 GB of internal storage, memory card support or even 8GB of RAM. The speculations are fresh and anything can happen. A few months ago, a mobile phone having dual-cameras was something that was unheard of. Yet here we are, surrounded on every side with fingerprint sensors and dual rear camera phones. The Mobile phone industry has come to a standstill. Advancement is now being measured in the size of specifications rather than actual innovation. We will have to wait and see if the upcoming Pixel 3 XL can break this chain of repetition.


The latest Pixel sensor consists of consists of a 12.2-megapixel shooter, an aperture of f/1.8 and a dual-LED flash. So far, the Pixel hasn’t followed the dual camera hype and the Pixel 3 might be an exception. It’s highly likely for the Pixel 3 XL to have a dual camera sensor, in order for it to be a viable competitor in the high-end smartphone scene. It can also have a 8MP or a higher resolution camera along with the basic Pixel 2 package.

As of now, we have no additional info about the codec support the Pixel 3 XL is going to have. So, audio and video combined, we are sticking with the default package i.e., MP3, WAV, M4A, eAAC+, MP4, FLV, and H.264.


The battery is a place where the Pixel 3 XL can also put in some upgrades, pushing the 3520mAh into the 4K mark. The battery of the Pixel 2 isn’t bad, but the more the merrier. Moving on, the Pixel 3 XL should support all modern bandwidths including EVDO and LTE, given that they are already included in the Pixel 2.

Determining the pros and cons of a ghost or concept phone is useless because at this point it’s all just blueprints.


  • Better battery backup
  • Dual rear camera support
  • May not support external memory card
  • May not have front flash