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HTC Desire 826 8GB



HTC Desire 826
HTC Desire 826

HTC has been known to launch smartphones in quick succession. Most of these phones are almost similar, sporting minimal upgrades and begging the question as to why they launched the phone in the first place. Released in March 2015, the HTC Desire 826 has been made to break into the premium mid-range smartphone niche. However, compared to their other phones, this phone is a welcome upgrade that brings a lot of visible changes. HTC however, has always been an option when it comes to buying smartphones, with people choosing HTC only when they do not find anything better. However, with the 826, HTC is competing against the likes of OnePlus One, Asus Zenfone 2 and Honor 6 Plus. Will it be able to fare better than them? Let’s check out its specs first to find out if it makes the cut.


HTC Desire 826 Design and Display
HTC Desire 826 Design & Build

HTC has done well to imitate the design and body of the HTC Desire Eye with this phone. It gives the phone a premium look and gives it a distinctive look from other phones in the 820 series. However, that is where it ends, the all plastic body, chunky bezels, and lackluster design doesn’t help the phone stand out among its competitors. The phone has HTC’s trademark BoomSound speakers occupying a thin strip above and below the display. The volume rocker and the power button are on the right side, whereas slots for the two Nano SIM card and microSD are present on the left. The phone is just too heavy for one handed use. However, the phone has done well to eliminate squeaky parts, loose buttons, and flimsy flaps.

The phone has a 5.5 inch full HD Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen display with a 1080X1920 pixel resolution giving it roughly 401 ppi. The HTC sports one of the best displays in the market now in the same price range, although colors are slightly dull. The brightness is also less, making outdoor viewing a problem. The phone has great viewing angles, and the screen is not prone to smudges and fingerprints. The overall color is rich with detail.


HTC Desire 826 Performance
HTC Desire 826 Performance

The device has a 2 GB RAM paired with an Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset. The phone comes nowhere close in performance with other phones in the same price range. The phone also has trouble keeping up with playing games on the highest graphic setting, while standard games like Subway Surfers runs well. The processor, however, will not be a problem when doing everyday tasks and multi-tasking. However, the price is not justified with what is under the hood. The Adreno 405 GPU can handle graphic intensive games standard settings.


HTC Desire 826 Camera
HTC Desire 826 Camera

The 826 has 13 MP rear and front-facing the camera! However, it just looks good on paper and is not up to par in terms of actual usage. The camera gave images that were underexposed and showed metering issues even under good lighting conditions. Some images even had grains and noise, and the result was pale looking images. Low light pictures were even more disappointing. The phone does not have a good camera in its price range.


The battery was not impressive either and gave very about 8 hours of life with extreme to moderate usage, which is very standard. With typical usage, you can expect the battery to last for about 14 hours. The phone comes with all standard connectivity options of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, hotspot and USB. NFC is not present in this device. It also supports two Nano SIM and has a microSD slot.


The HTC Desire 826 was a disappointment from the beginning. The sky high price for a mid-range phone that packs subpar performance under the hood was a deal breaker. Still, there were some things that we did like about the device, while there were others that could be improved. Here’s listing a few.

  • SensUI, which is an HTC's standard UI, is very impressive
  • The many welcome improvements from other devices in the HTC 820 series
  • Premium range design at mid-range prices
  • The phone weighs in at a massive 183 g. It also has a lot bezel which makes one hand use tough. Even phones in the same range like the OnePlus is thinner, lighter and slimmer than the 826. It could be a deal breaker for many users.
  • With its all plastic body, the HTC 826 doesn’t do well in looks and feel either. Most smartphones in the same range have either an all metal body or at least a partial metal body.
  • The volume and power buttons are built way into the edge, and users may find them hard to press.
  • The HTC 826 doesn’t do well in processing power either, with other phones in the same price range far outrunning the phone in speed and smoothness.
  • Well, at least the camera is good, right? No! The 8826 has an under average camera even among other HTC phones.
  • Battery life is also not impressive with the phone giving you hardly a day’s worth of juice in one charge.
  • But the hammer that finally strikes the nail to the coffin with this phone is its steep price. The price simply does not justify the minimal features and specs with this phone.