Huawei Honor 7i (ShotX) 16GB Price in Dubai, UAE  

Huawei Honor 7i (ShotX) 16GB




Huawei Honor 7i
Huawei Honor 7i

The Chinese telecommunication company, Huawei has been manufacturing mobile phones for a long time. It's latest offering, Huawei Honor 7i was launched in August,2015. With completely flawless design and best in class features, this handset surely will leave everyone in amazement. People claim it to be a flagship smartphone at an amusingly affordable price and claim it to be the best bid on its pricing range and its features. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.


Huawei Honor 7i Design and Display
Huawei Honor 7i Design & Build

The phone comes with a touch-screen display of 5.20 inches. It offers a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels and makes it one of the most desirable phones. Its metal body is deceptive since it makes one feel that the phone is twice as costly. Strips are designed on the top and the bottom of the phone which reflects a crosshatch texture and adds to the look of the mobile. It is an upgrade version of Honor6 because it is bigger in size as compared to its predecessor and offers the best of everything. The handset weighs around 160gm and is one of the heaviest phones in its price bracket. The front side of the mobile phone is somewhat very basic and plain while the back piece compensates for all the design and style. There is a fingerprint scanner below the camera option on the phone as well as an additional smart button on the left side for you to decide its function. This flagship design and price do come with its own set of competition. A lot of smartphones belonging to the same price bracket are slowing finding their way in the mobile industry.


Honor 7i has surely gained a lot of popularity among its enthusiastic followers and will surely continue to enthrall everyone with its all too different features. The IPS screen with its bright colours surely adds to the honour of the phone and it offers some decent brightness for the users to enjoy. The phone doesn’t compromise on the storage options it has for the users. The users have the option of choosing an internal capacity of 16GB to 32GB and a microSD card which can provide storage of upto 256GB. The phone has a multiple fingerprint unlocking system and like a touchpad of a personal computer, this option of the phone lets the user navigate between various applications, alarms, and features; makes the mobile highly user-friendly.

Supporting a Octa-core (4x1.7 GHz Cortex-A53 & 4x1.2 GHz Cortex-A53) processor and a decent 2GB RAM, this phone have been surveyed to work smoothly for the users worldwide.


Huawei Honor 7i Camera
Huawei Honor 7i Camera

The camera quality of the mobile set has also been improved, giving people the experience of live and real pictures. It has both front and rear camera of 13MP resolution. The pixel range has increased from the earlier version of the phone that is 13MP. Surely the phone comes with a lot of improvements over its latest versions. The camera comes with the feature of face detection and also comes with high-speed photo clicking spree which is always a welcome treat for the users. The camera quality is comparatively real and the new LED flash feature offers the best picture options in dark surroundings. The phone has a moderately loud volume and unlike other handsets, the speaker is on the left side. Though the phone was reasonably good when it came to loudness, single left speaker was a little disadvantageous for the charming phone people say. The Android’s latest lollipop feature in this phone. The unique characteristics of the phone are changing its wallpaper every time on one click on the power button adds the beauty to the phone. Like its contemporaries, the phone too comes with its few downloaded applications but unlike many, they can easily uninstall as per the convenience of the end users.


People believes that the best feature of the mobile phone is its long battery life. With its 3100mAh battery, this handset is surely going to be on the top list of some battery conscious people of the country. Making a flagship record, this phone ran for about seven hours and eight minutes leaving all the phones behind. Core connectivity includes options of dual band wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and LTE support. The IR blaster too comes with the phone as well as the fingerprint scanner which would surely be used very often considering its ease and safety.


  • Excellent fingerprint sensor
  • Stylish build
  • Great camera
  • Battery consumption is quick on camera app
  • Lot of pre-installed apps