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Huawei Nova 2



Huawei Nova 2
Huawei Nova 2

Huawei Nova 2 is in the stores for a launch very soon. Huawei has been the world’s largest communication device manufacturer of a long time, and hasn’t been in the full-fledged smartphone segment for long. The company is doing great though. Let’s tread into some known/unknown grounds of the Huawei Nova 2.

The Huawei is a device that stayed most of the time on the sidelines while the other giants took big chunks of the market for themselves. There are many ups and downs, but the average market share achieved by Huawei is a mere 9%, which is no bad, compared to what little we see of the smartphone. The upcoming Nova 2, the successor of the Nova and Nova Plus is an attempt to enter the mid-range price segment.


Huawei Nova 2 Design and Display
Huawei Nova 2 Design & Build

Since the device is yet to be launched, there is no solid info and any specifications mentioned here are subject to change at the time of the launch. Judging by the leaked pics and the gloss, we can assume that we are looking at what can be a unibody design, with a metallic finish. The display has been downgraded from the Nova Plus which had a 5.5-inch screen to a 5.2-inch Full HD IPS LCD screen. The screen size is reduced by 0.3-inches, but that should not pose too much of a problem. The screen packs a pixel density of 424 ppi, which is also quite acceptable and to top it all up, the Nova 2 also has the new UI upgrade i.e., the EMUI 5.0.

Judging from a distance, the Nova 2 seems all cheese and cakes, however, we don’t have the screen to body ratio and it is still unknown.


Huawei Nova 2 Performance
Huawei Nova 2 Gaming Performance

Both the predecessors of the Nova 2 had an octa-core Qualcomm 625 clocked at 2.0 GHz and an Adreno 506 to go with the package. However, with the new Nova 2, Huawei is feeling comfortable and is looking to experiment with a new chipset, which is the HiSilicon Kirin 658. The graphics processor is yet unknown. This is totally a new chipset and we are yet unsure about its performance. It may be good or be completely disastrous, but we are hoping for the best. On the bright side, the Nova 2 will have the latest Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) which balances the scale somewhat against the uncertainty.

In terms of RAM, the Nova 2 will be powered by 4GB of RAM compared to its predecessors where they only offered 3GB. The device is supposed to have an internal storage of 32GB with an expansion option of up to 256GB. Considering that it is a mid-range device, the inbuilt memory could have been kept at 64GB instead of 32 GB, since most devices in the price segment have the former.


Huawei Nova 2 Camera
Huawei Nova 2 Camera

The Huawei Nova 2 will sport two rear cameras, similar to its contemporaries. However, unlike them, the Nova 2 has a 12 MP and a 8 MP camera. Up until now, we saw that both rear cameras had an equal number of megapixels, with an exception of Honor 6X though. Huawei seems to be breaking out of that convention and introducing a new configuration. Why they are doing it, we are not sure, but they must have thought that investing that many resources into a single lens weren't a good deal. The rear cameras will have a single LED flash and news regarding the Optical Image Stabilization is not confirmed yet. Videos are recorded at full HD resolutions, 2160@30fps. The resolution can be dialed down for a higher frame rate, such as 1080p@60fps.

The front camera is a 20 MP shooter, possibly the highest in the range. Though we don’t have any photo samples right now, we will upload some results once the Nova 2 gets official.


Huawei Nova 2 Battery
Huawei Nova 2 Battery

The battery has received a serious downgrade from its predecessors. The Nova and the Nova Plus had slightly powerful batteries compared to the Nova 2. Since the Nova 2 has a much small; per screen compared to its predecessors, it shouldn’t have any problems, but a 3000 mAh Li-Ion battery isn’t enough to meet the standards of today.

The device also supports dual-sim 4G with VoLTE capability. Not to mention that all 2G EDGE/GPRS, 3G HSPA/HSPA+ network bands will be supported. For wired connectivity, we may have to be satisfied with a microUSB port, as USB-C haven’t taken over completely yet.

However, wireless connectivity is very good with Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n /ac, GPS w/ A-GPS, GLONASS, Bluetooth etc. There is no news about any NFC, infrared or IR blasters, however.


  • Full HD display
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Dual Camera, front camera 20 MP
  • HD recording
  • Low powered battery
  • New processor may not live up to standards
  • Smaller screen
  • Lower internal memory for the price segment