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Innjoo One



  • The latest price of Innjoo One was obtained on Wed Dec 12 2018 14:40:49 (GST)
  • The Innjoo One is available in Dubizar & Souq.
  • The best price of Innjoo One is 1885.71 AED, in Dubizar which is 6% less than the cost of Innjoo One in Souq (2000 AED).
  • The price is valid in all major regions in UAE like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah.
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Innjoo One
Innjoo One

The InnJoo One is a smartphone that has been designed to be a stylish option that features a 5-inch HD display and a slim and light design within a metal body. This smartphone works well for people who want a smartphone that is simple and easy to use without being too challenging. It is the basic phone in the InnJoo Flagship series of smartphones. It is not as strong as its Two series. Still, this makes for an appropriate choice for those who are looking for powerful phones for an extended variety of demands. This phone mainly offers plenty of data space and also supports a variety of wireless connections. It also runs with a powerful processor that is easy to use and isn’t too complicated or hard to work.


Innjoo One Display and Design
Innjoo One Design

The InnJoo One has a metal frame that keeps the functions inside the phone running properly. It offers a slim and light design that should not be hard to fit into one’s pocket. It is 6.9mm thick and only weighs 123g. It also has a 5-inch display screen to keep the phone visible. The top and bottom parts have a few small border points, but they are not very obtrusive or difficult to bear. The camera lens and the speaker are both found on the top part. It offers a 720x1280 resolution display. It uses in-plan switching technology to generate beautiful colors while improving the overall brightness of the screen. It makes it easier for people to see what’s on the phone even when the light is hard.


Innjoo One Performance
Innjoo One Performance

The InnJoo One works with an octa-core processor. The MediaTek MT6752 64-bit Octa-core processor collaborates with the Cortex A53 chip. It runs at 1.7GHz and uses a 9.6 gigapixel per second-pixel fill rate, thus allowing images to be loaded and displayed as quickly as possible. It uses less energy than many other models and still works fast. It also operates with 2 GB of RAM and runs on the Android 4.4 operating system. The InnOS 1.0 user interface is used at the top and makes the display easy to use and control. The Android 4.4 OS used as the fundamental architecture designed to make this functional and easier to use. It has a 16 GB hard drive. A microSD card can be added into the second sim card slot to add up to 64 GB of additional space. It adds a substantial amount of storage space to make it easier for the device to keep on working.


Innjoo One Camera
Innjoo One Camera

People who are looking to take pictures quite well with the InnJoo One will certainly be impressed over how the camera operates. It uses a 13-megapixel rear camera that features a f/2.0 aperture. It can shoot up to forty images at a time to create short videos. The front or secondary camera is a 5-megapixel model. It has a f/2.4 aperture with an 88-degree lens. It also uses the Face Beauty feature, a system that controls the resolution and appearance of the image based on the focus. The phone also supports an extensive variety of audio and video files right off of its multimedia programs.


Innjoo One Battery
Innjoo One Charging Slot

The battery on the InnJoo One is a traditional part of the phone as it allows it to keep on running well. It has the 2600mAh battery that lasts for an entire day on average and will certainly be suitable for most applications. The octa-core processor works with less power at a time to ensure that the device will stay functional without using far too much power. Regarding connectivity, there are two sim card slots. One will use a micro-sim card, and the other will use a nano-sim card or a microSD card for added storage. It can handle 3G and 4G signals. It works on a 4G network with a downlink of about 150Mbps and an uplink of 50Mbps. A Wi-Fi connection can also be attained as well as a Bluetooth 4.0 link to make the phone easier to use and link up.


The features of the InnJoo One make this a very attractive phone for all to try out. However, there are a few particular issues with the phone that should explore just as well. Fortunately, there are plenty of useful considerations to take a look at when finding this phone.

  • The design on the phone is very easy to use and is especially slim enough to fit into one’s pocket.
  • The microSD storage space can work with some high-capacity cards of up to 64 GB in size.
  • The interface is very simple and has a beautiful design that is easy to use.
  • The dual sim arrangement is very easy to use as it links to more wireless networks quite well and without stress.
  • The screen is not too large in size.
  • It can be tough to get access to the individual sim cards and to remove and replace them.
  • The Android 4.4 operating system is not as stable or efficient as what some newest versions of the OS have to offer.
  • The camera is not as intense as what many other modern day models have to offer.

The InnJoo One is a great smartphone for all to check out. It is a smartphone that uses some of the latest technology around. It is an especially popular option for how it is easy to carry around and has a slim design that isn’t too hard to use. People should certainly think about this when finding a great option to use for one’s smartphone needs.