Lava Iris 750 Price in Dubai, UAE  

Lava Iris 750




Lava is a smartphone manufacturing company that has a power in the low-cost market. The low cost is possible by using sometimes outdated entry level hardware and unstable software. These phones are therefore more popular among first-time smartphone users and senior citizens because of its easy to use interface and the slow hardware doesn’t make much difference to them. However, now, many companies are stepping up their game and providing better smartphones at lower prices. Will the Lava Iris be able to stand out in this already saturated market or will it fade away in the noise? We find out in this review.


With a thickness of 9.10 mm, this phone is just a bit thicker than the average smartphones. The phone weighs just 135 grams, making it very light. It’s all plastic body houses a micro-USB port on the bottom and a 3.5 mm audio jack. The phone has one micro SIM card slot and a microSD slot. The back of the phone has a single camera with dual LED flash. The volume rocker and the power button found on the right side of the phone. The front of the phone has a 5-inch screen along with a selfie camera, an LED flash, and a speaker.
The Iris 750 has a 4.5-inch display. The IPS LCD screen has a resolution of 854x480 which results in a pixel density of 218 ppi. Although these specs might not seem good, they are, however, fantastic for a phone available at this price range. The LCD screen gives sharp colors and is bright but doesn’t have enough contrast or the rich black that you might expect from a smartphone, but at this price, you can’t complain. A surprising feature of this phone, which is not available on most phones in this range is the Corning Gorilla Glass screen, giving your phone extra damage protection.


The phone has a quad-core MediaTek chip, which is more than enough to help it breeze through daily tasks. But because the chipset is much slower than the average phone, you can expect it to freeze up often over time or when doing slightly intensive tasks like watching high resolution videos. The 1 GB RAM is more than sufficient for the phone to perform all the basic tasks and is on par with what provided by most budget phones. The phone comes with an internal storage of 8 GB, which could expand with an SD card. For senior citizens or first-time smartphone users, the phone is just fine.


The Iris 750 has an 8 MP primary camera and a 5MP front camera. The primary camera can capture images quite well. However, these images have a lot of noise, lack sharpness, and contrast. The colors are also not that bright. However, the images are good when you compare with other cameras in phones of the same range. The camera app is immaculate and has a few options. These include autofocus, zoom, Panorama and geo-tagging and HDR capture. The 5 MP Selfie shooter takes surprisingly good images. When paired up with the dual LED flash, the phone takes decent low light images. An additional feature is a front flash which lets you take low-light selfies too! Video recording maxes out at 1080p High Definition, which is just one base short of 4K.
Multimedia options include web browsing, video and music player. You can also download apps from the app store.


The phone has a small 2000mAh battery. Although this might sound less, it seems that the phone's internals aren’t that power hungry. You can get a standby time of 400 hours with 2G and a talk time of about 7 hours. The phone also has all the standard connectivity options like Bluetooth, WI-Fi, 2G, and 3G, hotspot but no NFC. The surprising point is the phone also supports 4G. The phone also has a in-built accelerometer and a compass.


Lava released the Iris 750 in 2015, and it is an amazing phone at this price. Yes! there were some issues with the phone that could improve, there were others that were too good to be true for its price. Take the camera, for example, or the 1 GB RAM. While the processor isn’t that great. The phone is light, has a great design and is perfect for users who are not familiar with a smartphone or are just buying their first smartphone. Let's take a look at some of the things we liked and the things that we think can be improved.
  • The low price
  • The amazing body and looks
  • The phone is extremely light weight of 135 grams
  • The primary decent camera with dual LED flash and the amazing 5 MP Selfie shooter with LED flash
  • The massive 1 GB RAM
  • Even though the phone has a small battery, it is still enough to power it for a day
  • The slow processor can be improved. Maybe they can add a better processor although, they might not be able to do so without increasing the price.
  • Most phones released in 2015 have at least android lollipop, while this phone comes with KitKat.
  • The phone can give more connectivity options.