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Lenovo A6000 Plus




Lenovo A6000 Plus
Lenovo A6000 Plus

The Lenovo A6000 Plus released in April 2015. This as an efficient model designed for a variety of users. It is mainly designed for general use although it has some particularly powerful features for those who want to stay online without any interruptions.

This phone is a high-end model in the A Series of smartphones from Lenovo. It is comparable with the A2010 although it is not as strong as the A6000 Shot, a phone designed with more multimedia functions in mind. The A6000 Plus is still a strong phone that is suitable for most needs and runs rather efficiently.


Lenovo A6000 Plus Design and Display
Lenovo A6000 Plus Design & Build

The 5-inch display on the Lenovo A6000 Plus is a popular part of this phone. It offers in-plane switching to make it easier for the user to view the screen from a wide angle. The screen also has a 720x1280 resolution. It provides the user with a clear and detailed image. It also uses a multitouch system as the Lenovo Vibe 2.0 setup works with several pressure points on the screen.

The 128g or 4.52-ounce body of the phone is comfortable to hold. It has a cool metallic feel to its touch. It is 8.2mm thick, so it won’t be too hard to hold. The menu buttons on the bottom part of the phone are also easy to use when trying to make the phone work effectively.


The processor runs quickly and will generate enough power for the phone to run. It works well without causing the phone to become sluggish. The RAM is robust enough to allow the user to handle more applications at a given time.

The phone has plenty of space for a variety of applications. The microSD slot is tough to use, but it will be rather receptive of many cards to double the capacity of the phone.

The phone will work quickly for a variety of demands. It is especially useful for when people are looking to get online and to run multimedia applications as quickly and effectively as possible.


Lenovo A6000 Plus Camera
Lenovo A6000 Plus Camera

The rear camera on the A6000 Plus is 8MP in resolution. It is an improvement over the 5MP that the camera on the A2010 offers. This f/2.2 camera on the A6000 Plus has an autofocus feature and an LED flash setup. It also uses a face detection feature to make it easier for the camera to run.

The 2MP front camera is comparable with what the A2010 has. It is a fixed focus camera that will take pictures quickly and is suitable for selfies.

The multimedia features of this phone include the Guvera music app. It allows the user to get access to music online with ease. The Dolby Digital Plus speakers on this phone will especially generate rich sounds. The stereo sounds that come from this phone should make for an especially great experience when playing back music or video files including streaming videos on YouTube.


Lenovo A6000 Plus Charging-Slot
Lenovo A6000 Plus Charging-Slot

The phone has a 2300mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. It Offers 22 hours of talk time on a 2G network or 13 hours on a 3G network. The battery can operate on standby for up to eleven days on a 2G or 3G network.

Although 4G signals could gather for online use, this does not support a 4G voice system. The 3G voice connection is the strongest one that the phone has access to.

The phone can work with a variety of online connections with some rather fast download speeds. The user can download files at up to 150Mbps or upload those files at up to 50Mbps. It allows the phone to get more files quickly to load up with ease and makes online connections easy for all to follow.


The Lenovo A6000 Plus is a great phone that can certainly be ideal for many demands and is especially great for when people are looking to get online and do things with their phones. However, there are some concerns; that deserve to be seen just as well when using this phone. There are many positive and negative points to take a look at when getting this phone to work.

  • The RAM on this phone is easy to use as it makes it easier for the phone to work with more apps at a time.
  • The stereo sound that comes from the phone is crystal clear and easy to enjoy anywhere.
  • The battery will last for a longer period of time when compared with many other smartphones.
  • The two cameras here have great lens features to make it easier for the phone to take images quite well.
  • It can take a while for the phone to be updated to the newer Lollipop operating system.
  • The cameras are stronger than what the A2010 has but not as powerful as the 13MP and 5MP cameras on the A6000 Shot.
  • There are no LED light features on this phone, thus keeping its brightness from being too easy to adjust.
  • The speech that comes out of the phone might be hard to hear in some cases, what with the phone not offering any 4G voice support.