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LG G350




LG G350
LG G350

LG is a great name in the world of mobile phones. The LG G350 is one of the most noteworthy traditional mobile phone models for all to explore. This is designed rather well with a good series of controls and display points. It does rather well with linking to a variety of connections. This is designed as a traditional flip-phone model. This works with an efficient arrangement that is easy to work with and runs quickly. Best of all, it is easy to carry around to all sorts of places without being bulky or otherwise hard to carry around


LG G350 Design and Display
LG G350 Design

The LG G350 features a 3 inch TFT display with 240x320 pixel resolution and 441ppi density that offers a good sense of detail even within a smaller space. Dimensions of LG G350 are 108x58x19.5 mm, and it weighs 125 gm or 4.41 ounces only so feels very light in the hands. It won’t take up lots of space when closed up.


This feature phone is organized with a great processor and data bank. It has 32 MB of disk space for storing a number of assorted things like messages, phone numbers, contacts and much more. The call record and phone book feature on this phone especially keep this working quickly and properly. This also uses 8MB of RAM to keep the phone running fast. It uses this memory to get from one end of the phone to the next rather quickly. A shortcut soft keypad button is fully programmable. This helps to link to different functions and controls on the phone rather quickly. It especially does well when getting the camera to start up on short notice.


LG G350 Camera
LG G350 Camera

A 1.3-megapixel camera is included on this phone. It can record short videos and uses many features like flash controls and zoom setups. These are organized to keep the camera functions running quickly and effortlessly. This phone has a 3.5mm jack for headphone use. It also uses a loudspeaker to make conferencing easier for anyone to listen. A vibration alert may also be used to create a better control over how the phone works.


The Li-ion 950mAh battery is made to run with up to twenty hours of talk time. This works quite well to create a greater setup that is not too complicated or hard to use. The connectivity parts include a Wi-Fi support setup for 802.11b/g signals. This uses a simple connection and menu interface on the screen that quickly links the user up to a network of one’s choosing. The Bluetooth 2.1 connection also helps with getting this device connected to more wireless networks. It also uses an FM radio connection that works quite well with a good amount of reception in many forms.


  • The touchpad on this phone works with a simple arrangement that is easy to control. It uses enough buttons to keep functions all around the phone easy to use.
  • The lightweight body of this phone is easy to carry around.
  • The camera loads up quickly and works quite well.
  • The connection features are clearly not as strong as what other phones offer these days.
  • It can be tough to get this phone charged up as the micro USB 1.1 connection works rather slowly when getting the battery charged.

People looking for a simple small feature phone will enjoy the LG G350. This is a classic option that has a simple control interface that is easy to handle and is not too difficult for anyone to work with. It especially does well with getting anyone to talk with others quickly.