Meizu M3 Price in Dubai, UAE  

Meizu M3




Meizu does not have too many smartphones on the market just yet, but the options that are currently available are all good options that add quite a bit of power for all to look forward to. The Meizu M3 is one particular choice that is easy to use.

It is designed with a firm and easy to carry the body. It also has enough memory and internal disk storage to make this work quickly and efficiently for many purposes. It is a great phone for people who are looking for a choice that is easy to carry around and is not too complicated or otherwise challenging to use.


The 6000 Series aluminum alloy body on the Meizu M3 allows the phone to last for a while and is easy to use. It has a 2.5D front panel a metal body that is smooth and easy to carry and yet still offers a strong sense of detail. It also keeps a secure seal over the interior components to keep it from being hurt by accidental spills or light water sprays.

The 5-inch display features a 720x1280 resolution with a 294ppi density. It uses an LCD and works with the Flyme 5.1 multi-touch system. It allows the phone to be easier to control in a variety of situations. It makes for a greater solution that is easy for all to follow when trying to get a control ready. The phone’s display screen also supports a good design that makes it to where the phone won’t be too hard to load up for most of the needs that people might have.


The Mediatek MT6750 processor is an Octa-Core 1.5GHz Cortex A53 processor that makes the phone run well. It allows the phone to load up files rather quickly and effortlessly to make it easier to follow. This phone especially does well for those who want a great option that is simple and easy to follow.

There are two possibilities to look for when finding the Meizu M3 phone for one’s needs. There is a 2 GB RAM option with a 16 GB hard drive. There is also a 3 GB Ram choice that offers a 32 GB hard drive. Either option will work well enough to keep the phone running effortlessly. It does not lag much and should be rather simple for people to follow when it comes to getting different items running effortlessly and without any complications involved when trying to make it work.

The Android 5.1 OS is also used on this phone to keep it running effortlessly and efficiently. This OS is robust enough to work wonders for many uses thanks to how efficient it can be. It is a smart option for all people to look forward to thanks to how modern it is and how it offers a variety of applications for multimedia and social media use.


The Meizu M3 works with many efficient multimedia features to keep it running well and quickly. The integrated apps from the Android 5.1 OS allow the phone to stay online and active for as long as needed. It offers an MP3 player, an H.264 player and a YouTube app. These all work quickly and efficiently to generate a better arrangement that is easy to follow.

In terms of the camera, the phone has a 13-megapixel primary camera. It uses a f/2.2 lens and works with a dual LED flash to keep the phone running quite well. It works with a 1080p video screen at 30fps and should be efficient enough for most uses. The 5-megapixel lens is a little smaller in size but is still effective enough to keep it running right while taking great photos.


The battery here is a 2870mAh model that is non-removable. It connects to a microUSB 2.0 signal to make it easier for the phone to run well and quickly as necessary.

The phone offers 4G support along with support for many other networks to keep it running properly. It also has a Wi-Fi connection with a dual-band system to link to more networks. A hotspot may be generated for when different connections have to be established. A Bluetooth 4.0 link may also be added to get to different devices. A GPS signal is also included and can link up quite well with the integrated map application that the Android OS uses.


The efficiency of the Meizu M3 makes this a good option for people to find when looking for a great phone for different connectivity uses. There are a few important positive and negative points that should be considered well when finding a great option for connectivity requirements.

  • The operating system is very stable and easy to use.
  • The battery runs quite well and is very responsible in terms of how well energy is used on it. This makes it easier for the phone to stay operational.
  • There is a strong GPS signal for the phone that makes it easier for people to load up.
  • The connectivity features on this phone allow it to stay active quite well.
  • The operating system is not as advanced as the newer Android 6.0 option.
  • The battery cannot be removed. Also, the plug used to power it up needs to be checked carefully so it doesn’t become bent or dented.
  • The phone does not work with NFC support and may be difficult to follow.
  • The radio signals that this phone can take in as not as strong as what people might expect to get out of it.

The Meizu M3 smartphone is an excellent choice for all those who are looking for efficient and suitable smartphones that are easy to handle People who want great smartphones for their demands should see how well this can be used based on control different features and how it can link to various networks without any problems.