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Meizu Pro 6 32GB



Meizu Pro 6
Meizu Pro 6

Meizu has always been about big screens, superior chipsets, and advanced cameras combined put together to give you the full flagship experience without the heavy price tag. The Meizu Pro 6 was launched in 2016 and has a deca-core processor and a smaller screen to give you higher pixel density. The phone is also one of the first Android devices to sport 3D touch. The design and looks are based a lot on Apple’s phones. Meizu is trying to get the iPhone experience to Android by giving you bigger processors, better GPU’s, better cameras and some of iPhone's features. We will compare the phone with the Pro 5 and the iPhone to see, if the phone is an upgrade and if it has succeeded to give the flagship experience in low costs.


When you first look at the device chances are you will mistake it for an iPhone. It seems like the Chinese vendor has tried too much to be an Apple product to give you a good Android experience. The phone also doesn’t have back button. Instead performing smart gestures on the home button will let you navigate between apps. Meizu calls this “smart touch,” it, however, makes navigating awkward and bothersome. The volume rocker and power button are on the right side, and the audio jack is present on the bottom. The speaker grille is on the bottom too along with the micro USB port. The matte finish on the back gives it a nice feel and is comfortable to hold. The home button also has an embedded fingerprint scanner. The phone take two micro SIM and has a microSD slot.

The Pro 6 has a 5.2 inch Super AMOLED display with 1080p resolution with a pixel density of 423 ppi. The images are sharp; colors are vibrant, and the screen has good contrast. Viewing angles are also great. Sunlight legibility is also excellent.


Meizu Pro 6 Performance
Meizu Pro 6 Performance

Instead of relying on Samsung’s Exynos chips, the Meizu has chosen to go with the Helio X25 with a deca-core processor. The cores are made of two 2.5 GHz cores, four 2.0 GHz cores, and four 1.4 GHz cores. It along with the Mali quad-core T880 GPU will indeed boost the overall performance of the device. The performance is incredible and was bested only by the S7 edge and Huawei P9. The processor delivers on performance but is far from its promise of being the best. Moreover, when using it, you will hardly feel any difference. The Pro 6 becomes warm under extreme usage. Moreover, the gaming experience on the phone isn’t that great either. Despite the huge processor, 3D games didn’t feel that good to play, partly due to the poor graphics.

The software on the phone is Meizu’s on the version of Android Marshmallow, the FlyMe 5.6. It has been designed to look like iOS and has the similar lock screens. It has no app drawer, but unlike iOS, it has support for widgets on the home screen.

The 3D touch on the phone provides a new level of functionality to the phone. However, since Google has no support functionality for 3D touch, if you lose the FlyMe skin, then you lose the 3D touch support too.


Meizu Pro 6 Camera
Meizu Pro 6 Camera

Meizu has done a lot to improve its camera’s. The primary camera is a 21 MP shooter capable of 5312x3984 pixel snaps with 4:3 aspect ratio. It uses phase detection autofocusing along with regular contrast detect system to auto focus your pictures. In between the 10 LED Flash, there is a laser assisted autofocus to help focus in the dark. The dual tone ring flash should provide more natural flash photos. The pictures have excellent contrast, white balance and have very good detail. However, the camera of the Pro 5 seemed to do better in terms of noise and detail. The camera interface when launched automatically finds the parameters which will produce the best images. You have options to turn on HDR, timer, panorama, light field, gif maker, and video and beauty mode. The 5 MP Selfie camera is also great and offers a lot of detail as well as contrast.


Meizu Pro 6 Charging Slot
Meizu Pro 6 Charging-Slot

The Pro 6 has a 2560 mAh battery. The battery will be able to last you for two days with minimal usage. You can get about 14 hours of 3G talk time and 8 hours of video playback and web browsing. It is great considering the phone has a smaller battery than the Pro 5. Obviously, the Helio X25 is a power efficient hardware. The phone also has several power saving modes which can give you a few more hours’ worth of juice. The Pro 6 also has USB type C and fast charging to give you more juice in less time.

In terms of connectivity, the Pro 6 goes all the way with support for LTE on both SIM’s, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, and GLONASS. Wireless screen mirroring is also available.


The phone has a mammoth processor and an amazing camera. Although it does deliver the promise on the camera, the processor still needs a lot of work. Why 3D games don’t work is a mystery when the phone should perform better. The 3D touch is also a nice addition although it has limited uses and the feature goes away if you remove their FlyMe launcher. It seems like the phone while trying to give us an iOS experience on Android have just managed to make a copy of the iPhone without fully utilizing what Android has to offer.

  • The 21 MP primary camera is one of the best in the market
  • The 3D touch option in the phone is also amazing
  • The phone has a battery that can last you for 2 days with minimal use
  • The disappointing deca-core processor.
  • The design, which is no different from an iPhone.