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Nokia 3310 3G




Nokia 3310 3G
Nokia 3310 3G

Nokia 3310 has already created a big impact in the smartphone twice in the market and this time, it has returned once again to impress the mass. Nokia has recently released the new version of 3310 as 3310 3G. The fresh classic Nokia series now comes with 3G connectivity and exciting new colours like Azure, Warm Red, Yellow, and Charcoal. The new 3310 3G is also updated with a new user interface. All the four colours have been released in the month of January 2017.

The 3310 3G is a dual-SIM smartphone that comes with an internal memory of 128MB and can be expandable further to 32GB via MicroSD card. Of course, the classic phone comes with everyone’s favourite, Snake game pre-installed. The price is reasonable too.


Nokia 3310 3G Design and Display
Nokia 3310 3G Design & Build

The design of the Nokia 3310 3G is similar to that of the iconic predecessor. It measures 117 x 52.4 x 13.35mm in dimensions and weighs 88.1 grams. The size of the screen is 2.4 inches which is 29.1% of the screen to body ratio. The display is QVGA colour type with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The phone is covered with an acrylic panel in a matte finish. This is the same pattern followed by Nokia since the launch of its first model.

To enhance the look, Nokia has introduced a silver-coloured keypad instead of the traditional dull-white. There is a primary camera placed on the rear side along with the LED flash. As the body is non-removable, the phone is thicker than any other smartphone but weigh less. This makes it easy to hold even during long calls.


Nokia 3310 3G Snake Game
Nokia 3310 3G Snake Game

Nokia 3310 3G is a GSM phone with dual-SIM, of which one supports nano type SIM and second is the micro SIM in standby mode. The internal memory of the phone is 256/512MB and it is expandable up to 64GB by inserting a microSD card in the dedicated card slot. The dual-SIM slots support 3G connectivity giving an option to the classic 3310 to fly across the world. The phone is also shipped with fresh new colours and updated user interface that would allow the user to select a theme based on their mood. The new interface also allows you to customize the appearance by changing the icon colours and their respective position.

The 3310 3G runs on Java operating system and therefore displays all the Java-powered features.


Nokia 3310 3G Camera
Nokia 3310 3G Camera

When compared with the traditional classic Nokia 3310, the latest version is embedded with a primary camera on the rear side. The camera is of 2MP with LED flash. Though the camera has less megapixels and comes without any additional features, photos with moderate clarity can be clicked. The presence of a LED flashlight ensures bright and clear images even in dull lighting conditions. The camera can also be used for video recording.

The multimedia applications available in the Nokia 3310 3G are FM radio and MP3 player. It is also shipped with a loudspeaker and a 3.5mm audio jack.


Nokia 3310 3G Battery Usage
Nokia 3310 3G Battery Usage

The latest 3310 3G is loaded with a 1200 mAh battery that gives the standby up to 648 hrs on 3G, up to 6 hours & 30 minutes talktime on 3G and up to 40 hours of music play. As the battery is removable, the user can carry an extra charged battery to replace whenever the loaded one gets drained. This way the time on charging can be saved.

The 3310 3G has two SIM slots enabled to support 3G internet connectivity. It is for the first time that the classic Nokia phone is featuring internet connectivity option. Along with this, it also has Bluetooth 2.1, A2DP as wireless connection and micro USB 2.0 as wired connectivity.

Nokia 3310 3G does not come host any sensors.


The new version of classic Nokia 3310 features 3G internet connectivity. The manufacturer have introduced internet in the phone based on the demand of the users who wanted to connect with calls as well as text. This will bring a new boon to the classic beauty once again.

  • The classic legendary phone is now with 3G internet connectivity
  • Option to expand memory using dedicated memory slot
  • The new silver keypad
  • Exciting colors
  • Camera with LED flash at such a reasonable price
  • As now the internet connection is also incorporated, there is a need to increase battery capacity.