OnePlus 6 Price in Dubai, UAE  

OnePlus 6



Being a newbie in the arena of global Smartphone vendors, OnePlus has managed to carve out an amazing territory for itself in the intermediate price range of the selected markets in which it has its presence. OnePlus has built its business on the lines of maximum bang for buck, a well nurtured customer inputs and feedback generation area for each of its product segments, as well as tapping into the middle class segment of the society with specs which were available only on premium devices not so long back.

With a target launch date of 2018, if left to the imagination of the crowds, the OnePlus 6 might become a full fledged rival to the high end business class devices sold by Apple Inc. Since the revolution in the field of Artificial Intelligence, application based functions, and improved platforms have created a somewhat unpredictable ecosystem for Smartphone developers, it would be pretty difficult to speculate all the possible features OnePlus 6 might bring to the table. However, standing in the middle of 2017 as of now, we take a look at some of the much speculated specs.


Judging from the modular, sleek appearance of all releases from OnePlus, it is highly probable the same design would be carried forward to upcoming devices from the manufacturer in the foreseeable future. Since OnePlus hinted at moving to a Optic Amoled display from the current IPS display systems offered on the current devices, it can be speculated that the OnePlus 6 would bring more crusty contents on screen for the viewers. Punch this with the possibility of Android O, which Google confirmed would bring in way more control over functionalities, and picture in picture mode. With a large 5.8 inch 2560× 1440 pixel Optic Amoled display of OnePlus 6, these new upgrades would make the upcoming device an instant hit.


Though the OnePlus product development team had focused on offering premium performance on their devices, it seemed to be a laggard when compared with the ease of operating the devices of other leading rivals, say Apple or Samsung for example. With the launch of OnePlus 6, let’s hope the device would bridge the gap between specs and performance. As for the configuration part, the device would be powered by a Snapdragon 8xx octa-core processor, coupled with a probably 8GB of RAM for better device handling. An Adreno 530 processor would handle the graphics processing unit, for a better gaming experience on the device.

Like almost all flagship models, OnePlus 6 is expected to come equipped with advanced sensor functions like accelerometer, proximity sensor, fingerprint sensors and gravity sensors among others. Since experts have predicted Artificial Intelligence would be the next big thing, global Smartphone vendors have begun a rush to bring in more user friendly interface, along with an interactive operating platform, which doubles up as a real time partner in providing updates and solutions. OnePlus 6 has an impressive area of growth in the field of Artificial intelligence, and might even innovate to an extent of Siri or Cortana.


The OnePlus 6 would probably carry dual primary camera setup with LED flash; the primary unit may feature a 23 MP sensor, or might be upgraded to an even higher one, if market demands require so. Standard camera features like HDR, panorama, geo tagging, face detection, phase detection autofocus and touch focus would equip the primary camera duo, whereas the possible 13 MP secondary camera would be better optimized for selfies, groupfies, as well as better video calling. Since this device is more likely to run on Oxygen OS based on Android O, there should be an enhanced inventory of multimedia functions.


Though the OnePlus 6 would be equipped with a monstrous 3800 mAh battery, it might not be enough to match the improving capabilities of other market rivals. Improved Lithium ion batteries are becoming more efficient by the day, and it would not be long before Smartphone vendors equip their products with batteries which carry a higher reading than 4,000 mAh.

Connectivity is pretty standard on this device considering the universal USB port for data transfer, which doubles up as a charging port as well. Expect an upgraded Wi-Fi connectivity, along with integration into 4G/ 5G networks.


  • Best-in-class display (at least expected)
  • Better handling
  • Premium appearance and design
  • Might lose the cost effective tag to other flagship devices, because of top notch specs
  • Possible Heating issues, and fast battery drainage
  • May lag at some point with apps requiring high RAM requirements