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OPPO Neo 5 4GB




Oppo Neo 5
Oppo Neo 5

Oppo is one of the emerging electronics brands in the world now. With a presence in over 20 countries, it has made a name for itself providing premium quality smartphones at very low prices. However, with the budget smartphone market evolving at a very fast pace nowadays, the company is finding it hard to get a foothold. It was with this thought in mind that the company released the Oppo Neo 5 in 2015. This launch replaces an older model having the same name launched a year ago. Let’s see if the phone can fend off the horde of other phones launching every day in this ever competing market.


Oppo Neo 5 Display
Oppo Neo 5 Design & Display

The phone has the plastic back and front panel with a metal band surrounding it. The camera and the capacitive buttons also have metal bands around them. When you first look at the phone, you can’t help but feel that you have seen this somewhere, that’s because this design has been done to death thousands of times. The phone is tall and narrow. It also has a lot of bezels on its sides and the bottom. The volume rocker is on the right side whereas the power button is on the left. The audio jack is on the top and the micro USB on the bottom. The only innovative thing this phone has the speaker grille at the bottom of the rear panel. The primary shooter located above that and the selfie shooter located on the top of the screen. The screen is a small 4.5 inch with a resolution of 480x854 which translates to a pixel density of 220 ppi. It is morose considering that most phones in this range and even in lower ranges have bigger HD screens. The difference is immediately apparent and very disappointing. It says, the phone is still usable but doesn't expect to get good video playback or a good gaming experience. The colour isn’t crisp, and there is a colour shift when the display is tilted giving it appalling viewing angles. The screen brightness isn’t that noteworthy either.


Oppo Neo 5 Performance
Oppo Neo 5 Performance

The phone has a quad-core 1.3 GHz MediaTek processor which is again much underrated for the price range, but considering the low standards of the phone; it is fine. There is a 1 GB RAM, however, and the phone gives good performance in day to day tasks. Multitasking could do, and the phone handles pretty well if you don’t overuse it with demanding apps. The phone takes on micro SIM card and one Nano SIM card. It also has a slot for a MicroSD card. Oppo’s custom skin is called Colour OS and based on Android KitKat. There aren't many customizing options, and you can choose from a few themes. The phone has an old menu button instead of the new tasks button. It is a problem as most apps now built around the recants button, and the menu button seems obsolete. Oppo, however, has a security app which has a lot of functionality. It also has a guest mode to help save your phone from prying eyes. Overall, the performance is uninteresting, and you cannot expect to play heavy games and apps.


Oppo Neo 5 Camera
Oppo Neo 5 Camera

The camera was also disappointing. None of the pictures taken had any sharpness to it, even under good lighting conditions. The pictures were dull, overexposed, had no contrast and all the detailing and texture lost. When seen in full size, the pictures had a lot of noise. Shots taken in the dark were even less impressive. They were completely unusable, and even the flash could not make any difference. Whenever the flash was able to light up the subject, it took away all of its details. Better cameras are available in the phone costing way less than the Neo 5. Video quality wasn’t that good either. Although the camera does have a lot of options like beautify, HDR and panorama, it didn’t seem to improve the photo quality much. The phone’s front camera isn’t much worth mention either. The phone also had trouble playing any video file above 720p. Even the 720p videos played with a lot of artifacts and stuttering. The speaker is loud but in its loudness; it loses all details, and the sound wasn’t rich or warm.


The battery in the phone again is a very disappointing 2000 mAh battery. Although, the battery fares well partly because the internals isn't much power demanding. The battery will last you for one day and will give you about 7 hours of talk time. However, with no fast charging options, expect to have the phone charging for the whole night every day. Power users will find themselves running out of charge before the end of the day, however, under normal usage, the phone should work just fine. Thankfully, though, the phone does give you most of the connectivity options. Although, you won’t find 4G or NFC.


Why would one buy a phone which is so expensive and has nothing to show for it? Well, it beats me. If you are an Oppo fan or if you like their UI, you might want to buy it, other than that, nothing about the phones seems to attract. The side bezels and the metal rim makes the phone uncomfortable to hold for extended periods of time and the design has been copied to death. The phone would have been fine had it been released a few years ago, but in this competitive market, it doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Good battery life
  • Sturdy design
  • The design.
  • The small screen size with very poor resolution.
  • The bad speaker.
  • The Camera.
  • No 4G support.
  • Slow processor.
  • Huge bezels in the bottom and sides