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Panasonic T30




Panasonic T30
Panasonic T30

Panasonic just released its newest smartphone in the T30. This brand new model is the latest option from the popular electronics company. It is designed with a smaller body when compared with what most other smartphones on today’s market offers. Still, it has a great look that is easy for people to use and runs rather quickly. This phone particularly works well for those who need a lighter smartphone that isn’t too strong and is good enough to work for a variety of essential uses that people often hold. It is not as big as what is offered elsewhere on the smartphone market. Still, it is significant enough to where it should easily support without being too complicated or hard to follow. It is an especially smart option for those who want something that runs well and is durable enough for many basic apps while still being easy to carry around to more spots.


Panasonic T30 Design and Display
Panasonic T30 Design & Build

The Panasonic T30 is a smaller option among smartphones today in that it has a 4-inch screen. It is a 480x800 WVGA screen that offers a simple display that is easy to read. It is surrounded by a full speaker array at the top border while the bottom part has a series of basic buttons to direct the user to different menus or to move backward on the phone as needed. It is easy to use and has a curved series of edges to create a better grip while still being easy to store in one’s pocket. It is available in gold, silver and gray colors as well. These are organized with plastic bodies that are smooth and comfortable to hold. There are no metal reinforcement features in the phone, but it should still be strong enough to run for a while. It all comes with a rather compact size. It is 126 by 64 by 10.3mm in size and has a bar shape so it will be easy to carry around. It should fit well into most storage compartments designed for such phones as this.


While the Panasonic T30 does indeed have a small body, it is still a very powerful unit that is a force to be reckoned with. It has a 1.3GHz quad-core processor that runs applications quickly without risking substantial lagging issues. It also has 512 MB of RAM, a total that is less than what many other phones offer but is still efficient enough for running many of the apps that are appropriate for the smaller screen. The 4 GB internal memory drive is also efficient for most storage demands. For those who feel it is not enough, the phone also offers a microSD slot that can support a card of up to 32 GB in size, thus allowing the phone to run efficiently and quickly. The Panasonic has Android 5.1 OS in it. Panasonic uses the SAIL UI as an overlay. It simplifies the display works with Android architecture to keep the phone running quickly and effortlessly.


Panasonic T30 Camera
Panasonic T30 Camera

There are two cameras on the Panasonic T30. The 5-megapixel rear camera is rather strong for a WVGA screen. It does not have an image stabilizer feature, but it does have an LED flash feature and can also record videos. A front camera is a 2-megapixel option that is suitable for a majority of selfie uses. As an Android smartphone, the Panasonic T30 works with a good number of different multimedia apps. It runs with a dedicated media player that plays back a majority of different sound files It also works with a separate YouTube video player that opens on its app. A 3.5mm headphone connector lets people listen to media files in privacy.


It is amazing how a phone as small as the Panasonic T30 is capable of working with an excellent series of connections. It runs on a GSM network and offers 2G and 3G support. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 support to make this work well. Dual sim technology is also added in the phone to support more connections. For the battery, the Panasonic T30 uses a 1400mAh battery. It could recharge through a micro-USB 2.0 plug that comes with the phone. It can work with computer or other USB 2.0 port that it can link up to or with a traditional wall outlet depending on the user’s preference for charging it up. The battery can even be removed if needed and can be supported by replacement batteries that can be charged up on their own. It means the user could have an unlimited amount of power if one has enough spare batteries that are charged up on their own while others are in use.


As small as the Panasonic T30 is, it is a smartphone that will certainly do well for those who want a choice that runs smoothly and efficiently. People who want to use this smartphone should see how well this can work based on a few pros and cons.

  • The phone works with an extensive variety of suitable Android apps for social media connectivity and for helping to play back an assortment of media files.
  • The touchscreen keypad is very responsive.
  • The UI that Panasonic adds on top of Android runs well and displays items very well and efficiently.
  • This phone is lightweight enough to be carried around to a variety of places.
  • The light sensor may not always respond well to the different light signals that the phone gets in touch with.
  • The phone does not run for as long as other comparable options due to its smaller battey.
  • The phone does not work with any NFC connections.
  • The Bluetooth receiver takes a bit to load up.

The Panasonic T30 is efficient and suitable for those who want smaller smartphones that can still work well. This smaller option has a durable design and offers plenty of features that make the phone rather functional in a variety of ways.