Samsung Galaxy Folder Price in Dubai, UAE  

Samsung Galaxy Folder



The flip phone is alive and well thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Folder. This phone combines the technology and functionality of the Galaxy series of smartphones from Samsung with the simplicity and ease of control that can come with a flip phone.

This option can fold out quite well to reveal a great screen that is smaller than what most other smartphones have to offer but is still very easy to use. The button scheme is also easy to handle for many calling demands.

This phone has been around on the market for a few years now. It was in 2015 when the newest edition of the phone was released. It continues to be a surprisingly popular choice among phone users.


The flip phone features a 3.8-inch screen with a 480x800 display resolution. This screen is surrounded by a sturdy plastic body with a good casing system that is carefully organized with a strong body to make it easy to handle.

The TFT touchscreen is supported on the bottom with a full series of buttons to control the calling functions and other features on the phone. The buttons are clearly labeled and are very easy to use. There are individual buttons used for the camera, the messaging feature, the email system that one can set up and much more. The buttons are easy to use and are very responsive to many controls.

The plastic body can be folded inward to create secure 15.3mm-thick body. It has a 155g weight so it will not take up far too much weight in one’s pocket. The phone is especially responsive when it is flipped open as it does not flip outward far too quickly.


The same technology that is found in more traditional smartphones can clearly be found in the Samsung Galaxy Folder. In particular, this phone has a quad-core 1.2GHz processor and runs with 1.5 GB of RAM. This phone has a responsive setup that runs quickly and effortlessly.

The phone has 8 GB of internal memory with added support for at least 64 GB more memory through a microSD card on a dedicated slot. It is powerful enough for most apps. The operating system does not take up too much disk space either, thus ensuring that the phone will give the user enough space for managing more data.

The Android 5.1 operating system is the particular OS of choice on this phone. It has been fully configured to work with the smaller screen and resolution setup to create a simple arrangement that is easy to use.


The Samsung Galaxy Folder has an 8-megapixel camera with a touch focus feature and a full geo-tagging setup that is paired with the GPS receiver to identify the location of the phone as it takes pictures. It can also record video files at 30fps with high-definition quality all the time. A 2-megapixel secondary camera is also included in the phone. Face detection is included in this phone to make it easier for selfies to look their best.

Each camera comes with a lens that is relatively small in size. Each lens is carefully designed to be very easy to use without being too easy to disrupt or damage in any form.

It uses all the traditional media playback programs that come with the Android operating system. It is easier for people to enjoy the sounds coming from these programs when the 3.5mm audio jack is used. A loudspeaker can also be used for when files are to be played back.


The battery on the Samsung Galaxy Folder is only 1800mAh in capacity, but it still offers plenty of support for a good variety of different applications. It can take in about ten hours of talk time on a 3G network and can play back up to 30 hours of music on average.

The battery is also removable and could replace with a newer one if the old battery starts to lose its charging power. The battery has to be on the phone for it to be charged up. Fortunately, this works with the microUSB 2.0 connection to make it easier for the phone to link to a power outlet so it can be charged up.

The phone supports 3G signals and Wi-Fi connections. It also works with Bluetooth 4.1 signals that are very well-protected and easier to secure without interruption than older Bluetooth 4.0 signals. The proximity sensor and accelerometer also operate rather well in this phone. As mentioned earlier, this phone also has a GPS receiver.


The Samsung Galaxy Folder is rather different from many other phones what with its flip design. There are several great parts of the phone worth mentioning although it has a few different issues that should be mentioned just as well.

  • The expandable memory ensures that the phone can continue to hold a variety of programs.
  • The quad-core processor operates amazingly well to create a stronger setup for staying online.
  • The camera is amazingly detailed for such a small unit.
  • The phone’s 155g weight is rather slim for a flip phone.
  • The operating system is a little too bare for this particular phone.
  • It might be easy for people to touch the wrong buttons on the bottom half of the phone if they are in a hurry.
  • There are no HDMI connectors on the phone.
  • This phone does not have a radio connection so it cannot take in any FM signals from the air.

The Samsung Galaxy Folder will be ideal for those looking for a smaller flip phone that is still as powerful as a typical smartphone. This phone links the past and present of mobile phone technology into an advanced body that is strong enough to handle a vast variety of different functions. It is ideal for all people who are looking for great smartphones that are easy to use and manage for many requirements.