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Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime



Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime
Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

After the Samsung Galaxy Y, the smartphone giant launched a great many giants in the entry level smartphone zone. However, none were able to leave an everlasting impact as the Galaxy Y. The Galaxy Y was a trendsetter. It set the bar for all the other companies to follow.

The Galaxy J series can be best compared to the previous lineup. The J devices aren’t too overpowered like the Xiaomi, Le or Coolpad. But it seems to get the work done pretty well. The device was launched somewhere around the April of 2017. What people seek is a smartphone that more or less offers the modern day functionality, along with some decent specifications. The Galaxy J series seems to bring just the right amount of requirements to the table, and the Samsung brand names helps to push the package through.


Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Design and Display
Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Design & Build

The Galaxy J3 Prime isn’t much good of a device, since there are a number of smartphones that offer better specs in the same price range. It sports a 5-inch IPS HD display, with a resolution of 720 x 1080, along with a pixel density of 218 pixels per inch. According to the present competition, these specs are below the standard. Entry level smartphones nowadays sport much better features.

In terms of design, it is made of plastic, without any metallic finish. Due to the low screen size, the phone is comfortable to get a grip. Also it doesn’t come with a fingerprint sensor, which is severe blow, because the sensor has become a necessity with contemporary phones. The IPS display with barely 200 ppi produces washed out images which lack both the clarity of the pictures that are displayed on the screen. On top of that there is a generous bezel present at both eh ends of the device.


Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Storage
Galaxy J3 Prime Expandable Storage

The Galaxy J3 Prime is powered by a 1.4 GHz quad-core Exynos 7570 processor and a Mali-T720 MP1 graphics processor. The device is powered by 1.5GB of RAM which is unthinkable at during these times. The above mentioned specifications may be enough to get the job done, but an intelligent buyer won’t trust a device with such inferior specs, especially when they are getting an octa-core processor with at least 3GB of RAM for the same amount of money elsewhere.

1.5GB of RAM is too little too late. If it were introduced maybe one or two years ago, then it might have made some mark. Since the definite rice isn’t known, it’s hard to come to a decision regarding the facilities offered in this device. According to the 4K budget the specs are favorable. Anything above and Samsung has another storm coming towards them.

It amazes me think what the company is doing, because the features they are providing are below average. I won’t be surprised if a single unit doesn’t leaves the shelf. The specs won’t cut the mark. At least it sports a 16 GB internal memory which is expandable up to 128GB with the help of a card slot.


Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Camera
Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Camera

A 5 MP rear camera? Really Samsung?

Although Samsung’s cameras aren’t the best, they have shown to click some decent pics of the things all sound them. But with a paltry 5 MP camera, the user is left with very few options. Even if they want to take any decent snaps, the below average camera won’t let them do so. The front camera is 2 MP camera. Now the era of two megapixel cameras have been long but gone. Samsung’s attempt of reviving the 2 MP trend is noble and commendable, but I have my doubts as to how far the idea is going to travel.

Standing here today, the era of 5 and 2 MP cameras has become a relic, and introducing them in an entry level device, is like performing a self-destruct attempt.


Taking into account the horrendous specifications of the device, the battery should have no problem supporting the device throughout the day, and even more. The Samsung J 3 Prime is powered by a 2600 mAh Li-ion battery, which should be more than enough for a full day's use.

The device is a single sim device which although supports 4G LTE, doesn’t have the VoLTE functionality.


  • The Battery seems pretty decent
  • Expandable memory up to 128 GB
  • Internal memory 16 GB
  • No fingerprint sensor
  • Quad core processor
  • Low quality camera
  • No full HD screen
  • Pixel density is very low