Samsung Galaxy J8 Price in Dubai, UAE  

Samsung Galaxy J8



Samsung Galaxy J8 is one of the latest phones from the Samsung which is set to win the hearts of the people. Some of the latest rumors about Samsung Galaxy J8 states that it is going to be a phone which is going to be packed with a huge number of facilities that is going to blow the mind of the customers. Samsung Galaxy J8 will be targeting target the mid-range customers who wants to get all the amenities within a considerable price range. Samsung Galaxy J8 is going to be the successor of the phones that has been just launched by the company, i.e. Samsung Galaxy J6 and Samsung Galaxy J7 and given to the fact that it is going to be a better version of the said predecessors, we can expect a considerable amount of improvement from the last two versions. However, our assumption till now is solely based on rumors as Samsung is tight lipped about the specifications of the phone. We are yet not sure about the color choices of Samsung Galaxy J8. Samsung Galaxy J8 is also going to sport a fingerprint scanner for better security of the users.


Samsung Galaxy J8 is probably going to have a 5.5 inches display which is going to a full HD display that will provide the users with a crystal clear display that will allow them to view all the nitty grittiness present in the picture or the video that they are viewing. The resolution of Samsung Galaxy J8 is expected to be something around 1920×1080 pixels and the glass is going to be a corning Gorilla glass of type 4 that will protect the phone from the various scratches. The dimensions and the weight of Samsung Galaxy J8 is yet to be revealed by the company and we have no rumors around for these specifications. However, the design of the phone is going to be similar to that of the predecessors.


Samsung Galaxy J8 is being made to deliver, hence, we can assume some pretty cool features or configurations to be a part of the phone which will provide the users with a good performance. Samsung Galaxy J8 is going to run on Android Nougat version 7.0 and will also have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor for a powerful performance to the phone. it is going to sport a 3 GB RAM with a 16GB or a 32GB storage(which is yet to be confirmed by the company). Samsung Galaxy J8 will have a microSD card slot which will be expanding the internal memory of the phone to 128 GB that will allow the users to store all their favorite files in place.


Samsung Galaxy J8 is going to have dual camera in place which will facilitate the image capturing of the users at large. The rear camera is going to be a 13MP camera that will allow the customers to click beautiful pictures capturing all the colors and the details of the scene they are clicking. The rear camera of Samsung Galaxy J8 will also be equipped by a dual LED flash that will enhance the low light image capture facility of the users. The front camera however, is going to be 5 MP in size and a selfie camera so that the users can capture pretty selfies of themselves to share with their friend and family. Samsung Galaxy J8 will support all the major multimedia files that are available on the net currently for the entertainment of the customers.


Samsung Galaxy J8 is going to have a non-removable battery which is going to be 3500mAh in size to provide users with ample power to use all the benefits of the phone to the fullest. As for the connectivity of the phone is concerned, Samsung Galaxy J8 will be sporting all the regular connectivity features that are in place, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, GPS etc. which will keep the users connected to their near and dear ones at all times.


  • Fingerprint scanner for high security
  • Good screen resolution
  • The battery life could have been better.
  • The camera of Samsung Galaxy J8 could have higher MP