Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini Price in Dubai, UAE  

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini



There are few people in this who don’t know about Samsung’s Galaxy series of smartphones. The company began to write its legacy with this series and the most famous of them all was our beloved Galaxy Y. Samsung has come a long way since then. From the 3-inch Android Gingerbread smartphones to the Latest Samsung Galaxy S8. The galaxy series was put on hold for quite some time, due to those fiery S8 cases. However, the company is looking to ramp up their signature series once again. The Galaxy S9 is a device that has been discussed and speculated in the community for a long time. The discussion dates back to 2010 or even earlier. Are the dreams finally coming true? According to Samsung the S9, S9+ and the S9 Mini will be making their debut in the March of 2018 and the very news has riled up the whole smartphone community.


Keep in mind that the specs discussed are based on pure speculation. Not much is known about smartphones and they may well be a concept phone. The information is gathered from sources all around the internet and aims to give you some idea of what to expect when the S9s go live. The specs are subject to change at the time of release.

The screen size of the S9 and S9+ has not yet been unveiled, but seeing Samsung’s affinity towards large screens, we are assuming the S9 to be 5.5-inch and the S9+ to be a 6-inch smartphone. The S9 Mini will, however, have an allegedly 5-inch display. The display technology will obviously be AMOLED as Samsung is the only manufacturer in the world, of that technology. Details related to aspect ratio and pixel density haven’t been released yet. But judging by the previous Galaxy series, it may be the standard 18:5:9 aspect ratio.


As for the performance, it is unclear as to what SoC will power the S9 series. As of now, there are 4 processors available in the market. The Snapdragon, Exynos, MediaTek and the new HiSilicon Kirin series. The Kirin series of processors seems to be the new crowd favorite since a few companies have already started using it over the Snapdragon nowadays. However, it is most likely that Samsung will stick to their signature processors i.e., the Exynos series and for the GPU, the Mali. In the past, Samsung also used the Snapdragon and the Exynos in combination. For the US and China variants of the S8, they used the Snapdragon 835, while the Middle Eastern countries received the Exynos. Something similar may be expected from the S9 series. In terms of GPU, the Europeans have the Mali series while China the USA had the Adreno ones.

The S8 will most probably come equipped with the Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box. Since the S9 Mini will be a cheaper version of the S9 and S9+, it will have diminished specs in terms of RAM (somewhere around 2 to 4GB or higher) and internal storage (ranging between 32 to 64GB or higher).


Samsung has always been able to deliver when it comes to the camera. The tide has shifted and the new generations demand nothing less than a dual rear camera sensor. We can presume that the S9 series will have dual rear camera sensors and a fingerprint sensor to go along with it. 1080p video recording will also be supported, and the chance of UHD recording capabilities cannot be ruled out as well.

Conventionally, the S9 series will support all the basic audio-video codices (MP3, MP4, FLV, WAV, eAAC+, H.264, and M4A) and third-party apps can always be downloaded for additional support.


Samsung has never crossed that 3000mAh mark with their previous smartphones and the battery life of the Galaxy series was somewhat average, especially in the cheaper variants of Samsung’s flagship smartphones. Though there is no news about the battery, we are hoping that they break away from their convention and include bigger and better batteries this time around in the S9 Mini. For the sake public safety as well, we are hoping that they are tested and explosion-free.

The S9 Mini will most surely have dual sim support along with 4G LTE capabilities since it is a must-have on every device nowadays.


  • Inclusion of latest processor.
  • Dual Camera Support
  • 5-inch display
  • No 4K recording