Samsung Galaxy Wide 2 Price in Dubai, UAE  

Samsung Galaxy Wide 2



As the market leader in terms of manufacturing and devices sold globally, it is quite natural for Samsung to have a dominant role in all the market segments, right from the entry level segment to the top notch, premium segment. The Samsung Galaxy Wide 2 is focused on the entry level market, which by far is the most contested area as well as with the highest number of potential buyers. Since this niche is highly saturated with all global and local players jostling for market dominance, Samsung has made a conscious bargain for better specs on the entry level devices, rather than higher profit margins.

Aggressive price wars by Samsung for devices with almost similar features have shown to be ineffective in retaining market share in the long run. The Samsung Galaxy Wide 2, which is an upgrade of the 2016, launched Galaxy Wide, fits in the puzzle of a new chant of market leadership on the scene.


The Galaxy Wide 2 sports some pretty commendable design tweaks, like the 5.5 inch LCD display, which is pretty rare in this segment. The device has a full plastic body, which Samsung didn’t take the pain of making a bit more premium like. Though this standard conventional look is nothing worth complaining about, some of the East Asian newbies in this segment has started offering quite a few top notch features in devices of these segments. This 170 gram device on the other hand offers a much stronger presence when factored in the brand value. The HD display with a resolution of 720× 1280 pixels and a pixel density of 296 pixels per inch does not make it a head turner, but definitely manages to keep its charm.


The Galaxy Wide 2 runs on Android v7 Nougat straight from the box, powered by an octa core processor, which clocks a frequency of 1.6 GHz. Paired with a 2GB RAM, the device offers a pretty decent overall performance in data processing and device speed. The internal on board storage stands at a decent 16GB which can be further expanded up to 256 GB via MicroSD card.

This however, is not even remotely close to the specs one would look for in a mid range entry level device, if you factor in the specs offered by the new entrants. High end games would probably make this device look like a maniac, stuttering in every swipe. However, games which go light on the CPU would run just fine, without any probable hiccups.


The primary camera featured on the Galaxy Wide 2 is a 13MP unit mated with an LED flash, a standard on almost all devices in this range. However, since the device has been designed to feel like a bit top notch when compared to its competitors, it feels a bit low on the functionalities arena. This however is made up in the descent speed of the device and the years of experience of the Samsung product development team behind the launch of these entry level devices. Though there is no update on the video/audio quality, it seems it would fairly mimic the performance of other Samsung devices in this segment.

The secondary unit is a 5 MP one, again a standard in almost all of Samsung devices in this segment. Judging from the units available at hand, this 5MP unit would click satisfactory selfies even in ambient lighting conditions; this however might pose a problem in low light. However, factoring in all the bits, it can be concluded the Galaxy Wide 2 would not be much of a laggard with respect to offerings from other players in the same niche.


For a mid range entry level device like the Galaxy Wide 2, the battery is definitely a very good one. With a capacity of 3300 mAh, the battery can pack enough juice to power the device even after an extensive usage for a day. However, as seen on other devices, there might be heating issues when a battery of this size is packed in a mobile. Though the option for fast charging has not been found, a battery this size, by its demand would require a fast charging capability.

Connectivity part is where the device fails to garner the kind of attention it should have. With a pretty much standard 3G and 4G VoLTE sim connection port, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as well. There is nothing new or out-of-the-box to be offered.


  • Large Display
  • Good Battery backup
  • Good camera performance
  • Prone to device lags on heavy multi tasking
  • Possible heating issues
  • Prone to damage on impact
  • Would require fast charging option