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Samsung W2017



Samsung W2017
Samsung W2017

Samsung has started innovating the design of its smartphones; not only they have started trying to bring unique designs they seem to be bringing the retro back to the smartphone again. Recently, it has been rumoured that Samsung would be launching its w2017 smartphone which would be the successor of its W2016 smartphone. The design is expected to be the same as that of W2017 with the added difference of upgraded hardware and better display. Samsung seems to be tapping into the success of the W2016 smartphone and wants to attract even more users with the next gen phone. Looking at the announced specs we can easily expect that the phone would turn out to be a total success. So, let’s see what this phone may offer and how it can turn out in real life.


Samsung W2017 Design and Display
Samsung W2017 Design & Build

The design will be similar to the previous W2016 smartphone, and the W2017 smartphone will feature a clamshell design and would be a flip phone. The flip design was popular many years ago, and Samsung wants to bring the design back into the trend now. According to us, it’s a much-welcomed move by the Samsung, as in the ocean of smartphones, the one thing that remains common in all smartphones is the design. According to the reports, the external dimensions of the phone is expected to be 127.8 x 61.4 x 15.8 mm which again is reasonable. The phone is expected to weigh 208g, which might be too heavy for many users, but then again it’s the result of the use of metal in the frame. We are entirely happy with the clamshell design, and we expect that the users would love it too. It is believed that the phone would feature a 4.2 inch- 1080p Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, which could turn out to impressive, as Samsung has excelled the art of providing amazing displays in its smartphones.


Samsung W2017 Performance
Samsung W2017 Performance

The hardware seems to have improved from the previous W2016 smartphone. It is believed that the smartphone will feature 1.6GHz Quad Core processor which would be backed by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset. With the current specs, one can easily expect the phone’s performance would remain top notch. The Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset would make sure to provide a power packed smartphone. According to the specs available online, the phone would have an internal storage of 64GB which could be expanded up to 256GB using the microSD card slot provided in the phone. The phone shall run on Android software platform and would run on Android version 6 i.e. Marshmallow. The phone is also expected to be backed by a 4GB RAM, which quite enough for providing a smooth function. The phone is expected to be dual SIM enabled and would support 4G networks.


Samsung W2017 Camera
Samsung W2017 Camera

According to the online reports, the Samsung W2017 would feature a 12 MP f/1.9 camera that would be backed by autofocus and LED flashlight. The rear camera would have Digital Zoom, Digital image stabilisation, Face detection as well as Touch to focus functionality. The shooting modes of the rear camera would include Continuous Shooting and High Dynamic Range mode (HDR). The front camera is expected to be 5-MP. Super HD 4K video recording could also be done by the camera, which again is impressive. With the current specifications, we can easily expect that the photos that would be snapped by the camera would turn out to be impressive. The 5-MP front camera is bound to capture some interesting selfies. One of the best parts of the camera is its compatibility to record 4-K videos. The phone would have stereo loudspeakers and feature with a 3.5 mm audio jack.


Samsung W2017 Battery
Samsung W2017 Battery

It is believed that the phone would feature a 2300mAh battery, which is just 300mAh higher than its predecessor, W2016. It is expected that the battery would be not user replaceable, but we do hope that it would allow wireless charging just like its predecessor. If we talk about as to how the battery might perform then, we can say that it might fall short to run a complete day with heavy usage. Talking about the connectivity options, we believe that the phone would feature with Wi-Fi 802.11, b/g/n, mobile hotspot, Bluetooth version 4.1 and A-GPS. The phone would feature a fingerprint scanner along with Light sensor, Proximity sensor and Accelerometer.


  • Unique clamshell design flip phone which is bound to attract user’s attention.
  • Super AMOLED display could turn out to be impressive.
  • Battery would support wireless charging.
  • The phone is expected to be expensive.
  • The phone could be a little too heavy for many users.