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Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra



Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra
Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra

This mobile has larger screen and very good quality audio settings. The smartphone is quite a model that Sony has managed to come up with. Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra is now being viewed as one of the sturdiest models of smartphones in the market and it is based on very sound technology that most of the potential clients have come to expect of Sony.

The Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra is a very affordable smartphone and it is not as pricey as several other smart phones with similar features.

It is set to be released formally on 18th of February in the US but no dates of release in Australia or UK have yet been specified.


Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Design and Display
Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Design & Build

The touchscreen display of the Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra is a bit on the larger side being of 6 inches and the resolution of the display is 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels. The large screen is good for entertainment purposes like watching movies or TV shows with an impressive resolution, the colors and quality of an image is superior too. Sony has not done much to actually change the design so, we are not looking at a whole new get up of the smartphone, however, the metal frame around gives it a solid feel and makes it one the most durable and hardy smartphones. But the back of the smartphone is made of plastic and this fails to give a premium feel to the phone when held. The full model measures 163 x 80 x 9.5mm which is a little too large and often one will require both hands to type, and the Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra is also quite heavy as it weighs 221g. The colors available are black, gold, blue and silver.


Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Performance
Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Performance

The Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra runs on the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor and the Android version on this phone is 8.0. This Android 8 Oreo version makes it easy to open and deal with applications and navigation controls.

The smart phone also sports 32GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM. The internal storage is expandable up to 256GB if one makes use of a micro SD card.


Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Camera
Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Dual Selfie

All the recently launched smartphones are boasting about dual cameras, but the Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra comes with not two but three cameras which promise quite an experience to its users. But only one camera of 23MP is situated at the back of smartphone.The other two cameras are situated at the front, one of 16MP and the other of 8MP. The camera which has 16 megapixels has the optical image stabilization (OIS) feature which allows the camera to function properly and deliver good quality images even at low light and this is backed up by a LED flash which improves the light in the picture but does not affect its quality at all. The rear camera is also superior as it can shoot up to 4K videos due to the presence of the Snapdragon 630 processor chip and it functions well in low light too. The 8Mp camera allows 120 degrees viewing and comes in handy when taking a group photograph. The other multimedia features on the Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra include audio features and several sensors. For the audio settings, the Sony Xperia comes with Smart Amplifier technology and it also has Clear Audio+ and Clear Bass which allows you to fine-tune your music without splitting or distorting the original notes. The sensors that are available are the proximity, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, magnetometer, compass and accelerometer.


Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Battery
Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Battery

Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra is powered with 3,850mAh battery capacity, but it is not a removable battery. The common connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS are available along with a headphone jack and USB OTG. Both SIM cards have to be nano SIM type and they support 3G as well as 4G LTE. The battery is powerful and can last up to 12 hours at a stretch.


  • Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra is extremely affordable.
  • It comes with dual front cameras which function well in low light
  • The size is too large and the phone is quite heavy.
  • There has been no improvement in the design of the smartphone.