Sony Xperia XZ Premium 2018 Price in Dubai, UAE  

Sony Xperia XZ Premium 2018



The 2018 version of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium smartphone is expected to be launched at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 in Barcelona, Spain on 25 February. So far there has been no official revelations regarding the phone’s features but the Internet is ripe with leaks and speculations regarding the top of the line smartphone from Sony’s stable. This will be the second iteration of this top of the line smartphone from Sony. The original Sony XZ Premium created quite a buzz in the smartphone world, as it sported a 4K OLED screen and a super slow motion camera. Targeted at the premium segment of the market the XZ Premium series packs top of the line hardware, with focus on multimedia experience. According to a leak which shared a screenshot of the specifications of the device, Sony may bring about a change in its naming convention of its premium handsets and rename the “XZ Premium” phones as “XZ Pro”. In this article, we take a look at some of the rumoured specifications and see how it stacks up against the competition.


The second iteration of the XZ Premium, or as its now supposed to be called, the XZ Pro is expected to follow the current trend of big screens in a small form factor, and have a bezel-less design. It is rumoured to pack in a 5.7-inch edge to edge display with 4K resolution with HDR support. The XZ Pro will be narrower and taller than last year’s XZ Premium as it will pack in an 18:9 aspect ratio screen. There is a photo of the phone doing the rounds in internet news outlets and enthusiast forums that shows the new XZ Premium but there’s a high probability that it’s just another fan boy render.


Initial speculations hinted at a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 being used in the XZ Pro, but of late some sources hint towards the use of a Snapdragon 845. It will be a big surprise if indeed the phone is launched with a Snapdragon 845 as Samsung’s Galaxy S9, also slated for launch during the MWC is expected to be the first device to run on a Snapdragon 845. The XZ Pro will have 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage with support for Micro SD cards for storage expansion.

The upcoming XZ Pro is expected to run on the latest version of Android Oreo out of the box.


Sources claim the upcoming Sony XZ Pro will have a dual camera setup at the back, with the primary camera having a 18 MP sensor and a 12 MP camera forming the secondary shooter. In the front, the XZ Pro is expected to have a 13 MP shooter. The original XZ Premium debuted with some insane slow motion capabilities and this time around Sony is expected to showcase there might is the world of camera sensors with even better slow motion capabilities. Low light performance is another area where the XZ Pro may hold some surprises.

The XZ Premium line of smartphones from Sony has a special focus on multimedia and the latest iteration can be expected to be no different. Viewing multimedia content on the 4K HDR display will be an otherworldly experience.


The phone is expected to ship with a non-removable 3450 mAh battery that should be enough to get you through the day.

It will definitely have 4G VoLTE support along with the usual WiFi and Bluetooth functionalities. However, recent filings from Sony at the FCC to include an adapter with one of its phones have led to speculations that Sony might ditch the 3.5mm in the XZ Pro in favour of a slimmer design.


  • Large 5.7 inch 4K HDR display will provide great experience for multimedia content consumption.
  • Bezel-less design will only accentuate the looks of the stunning 4K display.
  • Super Slow Motion camera holds the potential to revolutionize user content creation. It can prove to a powerful tool for casual content creators.
  • Snappy performance with top of the line processor.
  • 3450 mAh battery seems insufficient for a device with a 4K display.

The Sony XZ Pro is expected to pack in a great hardware configuration and improve on the strengths of its predecessor. Better slow motion and low light capabilities are something that can be expected from this top of the line premium smartphone. In spite of having great hardware specifications the XZ Premium fell way behind its competitors, the like of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Apple’s iPhone 7, in terms of the numbers sold. This is something Sony will try to change very badly with the 2018 version of its premium smartphones and it will be interesting to see what surprises, if any the company has to offer.