Sony Xperia Z6 Price in Dubai, UAE  

Sony Xperia Z6



Sony will be releasing its newest flagship smartphone very soon. The Xperia Z6 is expected to be a very enticing model that will offer plenty of power to all users.


The Xperia Z6 will feature a 5.2-inch IPS LCD display with a 1080p resolution. A 2K resolution feature is expected to be included as a means of creating a stronger and much more dynamic appearance. Thin bezels will be included as a means of making the screen to body ratio a little stronger. The Corning Gorilla Glass feature has been used on prior Xperia models as a means of protecting their screens so this will probably be included on the Xperia Z6 as well.

A fingerprint sensor was introduced on the Z5 as a means of making it easier for the phone to be secured with a unique biometrics system. The Z6 will also come with a similar sensor.


The Xperia Z6 is being reported as having a Snapdragon 820 processor. This will be a 64-bit model that has four cores in its body. These will work at 2.2GHz while being on a 14nm process. These are actually going to be the first 64-bit custom cores that Qualcomm will have ever made.

4 GB of RAM is expected to be found on the Z6. This is better than the 3 GB of RAM that the Z5 already has. As a result, this should be very fast and easier to handle.

It will also have 32 GB of memory on its body. A microSD card will also be easy for a user to load into the phone to expand the memory by up to 256 GB.

The Android Marshmallow operating system will also be included on this model. This is one of the most durable and consistent versions of the OS that is available so it should not be too hard to make this work properly.


The Z6 will have a 23-megapixel rear camera. This is better than the 20.7-megapixel camera that the Z5 currently has. The autofocus feature will also be faster on the Z6 while 4K recording support will be included. The rear will also have a dual flash feature that makes it easier for the camera to work properly.

The image stabilization and AF features will be better on the Z6 than they were on prior models. This should make it very easy for the phone to take great shots.


The Z6 will have a 3200mAh battery that uses the Quick Charge feature that Sony has been using on many of its other models. The Z6 battery will use this to charge the phone to about 80 percent power in about half an hour. This should make it very easy for the battery to work right. The Type-C USB port will also help with making the data transfer and charging process work a little better.


  • The screen looks to have a strong design with plenty of space.
  • The Quick Charge feature is already reliable and effective so having this on here is a huge plus.
  • The Type-C USB port makes it amazingly easy for data to be transferred properly.
  • The RAM improvement doesn’t appear to be as dramatic as what other phones have had.
  • The hard drive does not look to be all that powerful or effective even with its microSD support.

The Sony Xperia Z6 should make for an appealing option among other high-end smartphones. This is going to be a very exciting and unique phone that will make a splash when it is released.