Videocon Krypton V50DA Price in Dubai, UAE  

Videocon Krypton V50DA




Videocon Krypton V50DA
Videocon Krypton V50DA

Videocon released two new smartphones in the year 2016 in the budget smartphone category. According to Videocon, they wish to release phones which are aimed at the emerging smartphone users who want the best Android experience at an affordable cost. The Krypton V50DA is a 5-inch phone with an android lollipop. The phone aims to compete with the likes of Moto, Lenovo, and Asus, who have established themselves quite well in this category. Whereas Videocon is yet to make a mark in the market with its smartphone. Will the Videocon Krypton V50DA be able to deliver on its promise and will Videocon be able to carve out a piece of the pie in this tough market? We find out in this review.


Videocon Krypton V50DA Design
Videocon Krypton V50DA Design

When you first use the phone, it feels and looks very premium. It has a full plastic body and is very lightweight. The phone isn’t much thick either and is comfortable to hold. One hand use is very easy with this phone. It doesn’t have much bezel around the screen which contributes further to its premium look. The phone has a single camera in the back with a LED flash right above the Videocon sign. The speaker grille is at the back. The front has a primary camera on top of the screen and three capacitive touch buttons on the bottom. The volume rocker and the power button are on the right edge. The top of the phone has both the audio jack and the micro USB jack. The phone takes one micro SIM card and one regular SIM card and has a single micro SD slot.

The phone has a 5 inch FWVGA IPS display. The screen has a resolution of 854x480 pixels. It is very less when you compare with phones like the Moto G 2, which gives you a better screen resolution and an HD display. The difference is immediately apparent when you use the phone. Colors aren’t as well defined or bright and contrasting as on other phones in the same range. Moreover, the screen is also smaller than other phones in the same price range. It feels like they could have done better with the display and the phone leaves you wanting more.


Powering the Krypton V50AD is a quad-core MediaTek processor clocked at a speed of 1.3 GHz. Videocon has again chosen entry level hardware when phones in the same budget range go with Snapdragon processor. The phone has a 1 GB RAM, which is again smaller than the 2 GB RAM provided by some devices. Overall, the processor runs well without lagging or freezing the phone. You can perform multitasking and but gaming and watch high res videos on this phone is a big no-no. The phone runs Android Lollipop and has an internal storage of 8 GB.


Videocon Krypton V50DA Camera
Videocon Krypton V50DA Camera

The phone has a 5 MP primary camera. The camera takes decent images. Colors are not that bright neither do the photos have good contrast nor deep blacks. Even if the photos were good, they wouldn’t look good on the screen. The front camera is 2 MP and is decent for video calling. Selfies taken with the camera will not be that good. The camera interface is very simple with little effects or options. There are no different modes like the beauty mode to make your picture better. There is also a problem with the autofocus in that it doesn’t focus properly or takes the time to focus.


The phone has a 3000 mAh battery. It is comparable to other phones in the same range. However, since the device does not have much power hungry hardware, the battery should last the phone well through the day and may even last you for two days with minimal usage.

It terms of connectivity, the phone comes fully loaded. It supports 3G, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, and GPS. It doesn’t support NFC. The phone also has a micro USB for seamless data transfer with your PC. The phone, however, does not support 4G either. Another disadvantage as most phones in the same range and even in ranges lower than this have 4G support.


While Videocon has tried its best to come up with a phone that can help establish it as a brand in the smartphone business, it will not do so with this device. The phone lacks a good display, good performance, and a good camera. The only good thing about the phone is that it has a very premium look and feel. Other than that, everything about the phone screams ordinary. When there are phones like the Moto G, Lenovo Vibe, and Asus Zenfone, there is no need to go towards a phone that is filled to the brim with entry level hardware. Nevertheless, here we have made a list of some of the things we do like about the phone and other things we think Videocon can improve to give their users the smartphone experience that they were aiming for.

  • The 3000 mAh battery will give the phone at least a few days’ worth of battery life.
  • The phone has a great design giving it a premium flagship smartphone look.
  • The phone has been designed keeping the user in mind. Thus the phone is comfortable to hold while it is thin enough not to be a problem to use it with one hand.
  • The phone has a very disappointing camera, and we wish the company add at least a double-digit primary camera to the phone.
  • The phone also has very poor internals that is found on entry level devices. It will give you a very poor performance.
  • The phone also doesn’t have 4G support nor does it have NFC.
  • The small internal storage provided.
  • You will not be able to play games or any watch high res videos on the phone.