Vivo APEX Price in Dubai, UAE  




The Chinese manufacturer, Vivo has grabbed a lot of attention in the recent Mobile World Congress because of its new concept phone, Apex. While the smartphone host lot many features that we can expect to see on the devices in the future, the real fact is that it is just a concept phone. The company might announce the detailed-features of Apex phone in the month of March 2018. The phone appears futuristic but if you want to go and buy the phone, you will be disappointed that it will not hit the shelves anytime. The unique feature is that the presence of in-display fingerprint scanner which can be a foundation to other manufacturers to adopt this feature in their upcoming releases. There are many other exciting features related to display, cameras, processor, sensors, etc. So let’s check out more about the Vivo Apex concept phone.


The Vivo Apex phone features 18:9 Full HD+ OLED display with a resolution of 2160*1080 pixels. The screen 5.99-inches and has very fewer bezels of low as 1.8mm thickness. The screen to body ratio is 98% which is on par with the existing devices. The phone is slightly curved on the edges and the size of the phone is comfortable enough to hold in hand without stretching much. Vivo has flaunted its creativity in terms of the speaker where the sound comes from the front panel.

The Apex concept phone is covered with a metallic panel of a matte finish. The primary camera with flash in on the rear side of the panel and the selfie camera is present on the front side. There is no external home or navigation buttons. The volume controller and power button are placed on either side of the phone. The SD card slot is on the top. The phone looks decent with a good hold.


Vivo has not yet revealed full details about their concept phone. The company has sent out press invites for the curtain-raiser event of their Apex phone which goes with the flyer, “Unlock the Future”. This shows that the device will showcase extremely futuristic features. The software of Apex hosts a sophisticated version of Android OS along with successful tweaks, for example, iOS – esque notification shade. There is no information about the processor, RAM, and other hardware as the exteriors of the phone itself is eye-catching.


Vivo Apex phone sports an 8-megapixel elevated front camera. The phone is so creatively designed that it opens when you opt to click selfies and retracts otherwise. The camera is fun to watch and will definitely bring smile on your face. All you have to do is to click on the camera icon and it will pop-out in 0.8-second to capture your beautiful selfie. This also safeguards the camera lens from external dust and scratches. Vivo has not yet talked about the primary camera which is placed on the rear side accompanied by a LED flash. The front shooter can be used for video calling.

The video recording feature exists on the phone but the output is not confirmed yet. The multimedia has again captured the viewers’ attention. The phone can play various audio and video files perfectly. Vivo has introduced ‘Screen Sound Casting’ feature which they promise to be efficient too. This new speaker system has turned the entire display into a sound-conducting panel. That means when you hold the phone against your ear you will experience sound coming through the front panel.


With regard to the type and efficiency of the battery, there is no news as of now. We expect it to be non-removable with a capacity not draining for a day’s usage.

Vivo Apex is expected to feature dual SIM that can offer internet connectivity up to 4G. Apart from this, the phone would also host wireless and wired connectivity options. Though nothing has been talked about the versions.

The fingerprint sensor of Vivo Apex has already gained prominence as it has been placed just below the display. This will turn the half of the screen into a fingerprint scanner. This is for the first time that any smartphone manufacturer has ever experimented. Along with the fingerprint, the phone will also have other sensors like gyroscope, ambient light, etc.


Vivo Apex is a conceptual phone and is far from the existence. It will probably be guidance to the upcoming versions of other smartphones.

  • Highly-negligible bezels on the screen
  • Decent display with different viewing angles
  • Fingerprint sensor placed comfortably on the bottom of the screen
  • Elevated front shooter
  • Matte-finish panel
  • Screen sound casting feature
  • Fingerprint sensor still need improvement
  • Many features are not yet known to comment