Vivo V5s Price in Dubai, UAE  

Vivo V5s



The Vivo V5s is expected to launched soon. There is supposed to be only one model, which will be black in color. No other colors will supposedly be manufactured. People do not know the reason as to why the company agreed to create only one color variant. The device hasn’t been released yet since no retailers have managed to get a single piece on their shelves. How the device will perform is still a great mystery, since no official tests have been released online. The only thing we know is that the V5s is actually the smaller version of the much hyped V5. The V5 was a very famous phone with vivid display, great battery life, decent front camera and nice performance.


The Vivo V5s comes with a 1280 x 720p display, something that is not acceptable at this range. Devices at this range have a Full HD display at the least. A 1499 AED device without a 1080p screen is something people will not be wanting to buy. Since the device hasn’t come out, it would be wise to wait for it. It is said to have a 5.5-inch display but whether it will be an IPS or AMOLED is still yet unknown. The pixel density, weight, and other dimensions haven’t been made public yet. The device has bezels as well, and though it is said to come with a front mounted fingerprint scanner, the bezel at the top and the bottom of the screen surely affects the all over glamour of the V5s. The V5 also had an HD display, a do to create a mobile phone which cost higher than its predecessor, it is only natural to bump up the specs but Vivo remains unchanged in this notion.


In terms of the processor specifications, Vivo has left kept people in the dark. We know that the device will be sporting an octa-core processor, along with a Mali-T860 MP2 graphics processor. The cores will be A54 cores on top of a 64-bit architecture, which is the latest in the market and seems to optimize the device quite a lot. Although it will be coming with 4GB of RAM, we can assume that the device will perform quite smoothly. Nonetheless, a good processor can be the difference between a bad and a good phone, since it determines the amount of power consumption. Without any proper intel on that part, we it would be difficult to come up with any speculations. The Vivo will have a MediaTek processor, and there are many out there. Whether the processor is optimized or not is still up for debate. 64GB of internal storage is quite decent although and since it can be expanded to 128GB makes it all the more interesting.


The games part is tricky. Vivo is offering a 20 MP front-facing camera, and on top of that the front shooter will have a Sony Exmor Sensor which makes sit more all the more appealing. The rear shooter, however, will have a 13MP snapper, digital zoom, ISO control and exposure compensation. It is said that the rear camera will also be powered by the Sony Exmor, but that remains to be seen. Videos will be recorded at 1080p @30 fps, and the resolution can be dialed down as well. The Sony Exmor sensor may be the thing that keeps this ahead of all the other in the competition.


The Vivo V5s will be powered by a non-removable 3000 mAh Li-ion battery. Most devices sport a 3500 mAh battery but if the processor of the device is well optimized then the low powered juice box might also do the trick. The V5s is a dual sim phone and comes with Android marshmallow. The second sim slot is a nano-hybrid and the device supports 4G VoLTE.


The Vivo V5s seems quite well balanced and well equipped with features. Following pros and cons are the points of this phone, according to us. These are our speculations and the actual results of the phone will come up when the phone is actually released.

  • Powerful front camera
  • Both cameras have Exmor sensors.
  • Huge Internal Storage
  • HD display with a resolution of 720 x 1280.
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow - Outdated OS (An upgrade is a must)
  • Only one colour variant