Vivo X6s Plus Price in Dubai, UAE  

Vivo X6s Plus



Vivo released the X6S Plus smartphone in November, 2015 as a new option for people looking for a phone with the power of a tablet in the body of a phone. It is an intense option designed for those who want only the strongest possible smartphone for any reason they hold.

This smartphone is for people who want to play with more multimedia applications and to run 3D programs on the phone. It is also perfect for those who enjoy streaming media and want to hear things at only the best possible quality.


The 5.7-inch screen on the Vivo X6S Plus is a critical part of what makes the phone stand out. The screen uses a 1080x1920 resolution with a 386 pixel per inch density to create the deepest and strongest tones around. It all works on a Super AMOLED screen that is easy to adjust and can be seen from a variety of angles.

The small curve in the middle of the phone is not all that strong, and it certainly is not easy to see. However, it does at least offer a bit of support for the hand to make it easy to hold on to. The 6.9mm-thick measurement of the phone especially makes it easy to carry around and use.

There is a fingerprint sensor in the middle of the back part of the phone. This sensor is designed to be easy to use as it comes with a strong body that reads the user’s fingerprint quite well. As it is used properly, it creates a better signal that will lock out anyone who is not authorized to use the phone.


The octa-core processor on this smartphone is an important part of what makes it run well. The phone offers a 1.7GHz processor that operate fast and generates enough power to run all sorts of high-definition programs. It, in turn, establishes a stronger control setup that is easy to follow.

The 4 GB of RAM is a real game-changer. Hardly any smartphone in the industry offers this much memory. It practically ensures that the phone will not lag or struggle to run even the most intense programs. The ability of this to manage multi-tasking functions especially makes it a hit.

It even has 64 GB of space on its disk drive. It should be more than enough for typical users although it does offer the ability to expand its memory by 256 GB with a microSD card in the second sim card slot.

The last part of the performance of the phone comes from the Android 5.1 operating system. This modern option is a stable version of the OS with many multimedia applications and control features. The Funtouch UI that was added by Vivo especially allows the user to adjust and control the features of the OS to one’s liking. It includes making the most commonly used programs on the OS the most accessible ones.


The camera is just as strong as what people might find on larger smartphones. In particular, the camera is 13 megapixels in quality and uses phase detection autofocus to identify images and generate accurate and clear ones in real time. The face detection and touch focus feature especially to add a bit of extra control to make it all the more worthwhile.

The 8-megapixel front camera is worth noticing too. It can even record videos in high definition. The burst mode, which entails taking several exposures in a brief moment of time, is especially perfect for those trying to take the best possible images of fast-moving items.

The 32-bit 192kHz audio driver also improves how multimedia files are played back. Active noise cancellation is also used on the phone’s microphone to allow the user to record anything clearly or to at least have an easier time talking to someone on the phone.


The battery is a 3000mAh Li-ion unit that is not removable. Vivo has not specified how long the batter will last for, but it does generate enough power to run the phone quite well for an entire day on average.

Just about every main connectivity option is supported by the phone. These include the 4G and 3G connectivity choices. These help to make it easier for people to get online. The dual sim arrangement is a key part of what makes it run but at the same time, people should watch carefully for how the sim cards work. In particular, anyone who uses a microSD card to expand upon the memory in the card will have less control over what signals can be taken in.

Wi-Fi and GPS support are included on the phone. A microUSB 2.0 connection is also used to link this to a power source when the battery has to be charged.


The great design of the Vivo X6s Plus and the impressive series of different features on it make this a great smartphone for all to check out. Still, there are a few points about the phone that must also be seen when choosing it for one’s needs.

  • Plenty of RAM is included to make the phone run quickly.
  • The cameras are both detailed with easy to use software.
  • The 4G support provides users with faster speeds.
  • The octa-core processor keeps all application running smoothly without risking skipping or lagging.
  • There is no NFC support on this phone.
  • The operating system is slightly outdated when compared with other Android options.
  • The fingerprint scanner is prone to errors at times depending on how it is utilized.
  • The ability to connect to networks becomes weak when the second sim card is replaced with a microSD card just to add to the phone’s memory.

In summary, the Vivo X6s Plus will be great for all kinds of people who need smartphones. It is a powerful option that runs fast and will certainly do more for your usage needs when you’re looking for something strong enough.