Vivo Y53L Price in Dubai, UAE  

Vivo Y53L



Often categorized as one of the Big 4 Smartphone Vendors of China, Vivo is one of the fastest expanding Chinese Smartphone manufacturers, with a significant market presence in the markets of Asia and Africa. Vivo has been so far successful in nibbling away market shares from Apple and Samsung, by keeping profit margins low, thus offering decent features at a price much lower than those of the leading Smartphone vendors.

The Y53L is the latest attempt by the Chinese Smartphone vendor to further consolidate its hold on the Smartphone market in the intermediate market segment, where vendors from across the globe has been jostling for a while.


The Current Vivo Y53 launched earlier in 2017 was unveiled with a 5 inch IPS LCD multi touch display, offering a resolution of 960 × 540 and a pixel density of 220 per inch. While the overall hardware might seem pretty decent, the display is perhaps the weakest link of this model, considering the full HD display being put on table by other aggressive players. Another downside of the display is the lack of a scratch resistant glass, which can mean some pretty rough display after heavy usage. With the Y53L, Vivo might look to fix this error, and bring up the device at par with other devices offered at this price segment. However, initial reports suggest this is not the case, and a full HD display is still far away from the Y53L. The difficulty to view the screen properly in bright light might also be one of the negative sides of the yet to be launched Y53L.

The modular look of the Y53 along with smooth edges and a metallic finish is probably going to be featured on the Y53L as well.


The Vivo Y53L is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 quad core processor, clocking a frequency of 1.4 GHz. This chipset is coupled with 2GB RAM, a graphics processor set as well as 16GB internal storage capacity, which can be further expanded to 256 GB via MicroSD card. This whole configuration gives the device with a pretty decent performance; however it still does not fit the phone in the league of other major players of its class. The operations tend to slow down when multiple applications are opened simultaneously, as well as the lack of feel good factor prohibits users from installing high end games. The same performance configuration would be carried on to the upcoming Vivo Y53L, which might be a bit faster because of the upgraded RAM and graphics processor, but still not at the level one would expect at this price.

As for the customized Android Nougat v6.0 on which Vivo Y63 runs out of the box, the customized part lacks the smooth operations of Android as offered by Pixel, Nexus and Motorola devices. This is one area of concern as highly customized Android interface tends to reduce the ease and simplicity of operations.


The primary camera of the Vivo Y53 is an 8MP unit, coupled with a single LED flash, capable of shooting some pretty decent quality images in bright light. The secondary unit is a 5 MP for shooting selfies, which lacks the wide area coverage of other devices. While the image quality is decent in bright light, photos snapped in low light are highly objectionable, as they appear to be quite grainy than usual. These cameras with some tweaks in performance are expected to be featured on the upcoming Vivo Y53L, the quality of which is not expected to take a leap forward. Nevertheless, the performance upgrades might offer some better image quality than the existing model.


The Newly launched Vivo Y53 comes with a 2500 mAh battery, which provides an average output in terms of endurance. The same unit would be used for Vivo Y53L, which is safe to say, wouldn’t be much of a head turner. Under heavy usage, the device would need to be recharged more than once throughout the day, which is a major cause of operational difficulty. However, the overall package is pretty decent for the intermediate price segment, though it fails to carry the awe which other Smartphone vendors have managed to incorporate in their devices. The standard connectivity for the Vivo Y53L would be the same as that of Vivo Y53, of the likes of GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Hotspot.


  • Affordable
  • Decent performance
  • All round capability
  • Prone to lag
  • Sub-par camera and battery performance
  • Lack of fingerprint sensors